I Joined the ATC

I stopped and joined the ATC today and had a lovely conversation with the woman volunteer in the office, who is currently section hiking and had completed a Thru-Hike some years ago. She asked how I was and I launched into a teary eyed explanation of how the Trail has changed my life. Her face lit up.  It was so nice. My mood improved.  I wasn’t feeling very good. Too much food and not enough exercise and that’s what I get. The sluggish me.  I don’t like the sluggish me.

She asked if I wanted my picture taken out front or would I rather hike in for the photo.  I said hike in.  I am planning a 3 day hike, NOBO, that will finish in Harper’s Ferry. That will be the right time.

I was in VA today with my brother at the Massanutten Resort. From the living room I could see the Skyline Drive ridge and all I kept thinking was that I wanted to be up there.

I am really tired. Frustrated. Cranky. It’s too many days since I’ve had my pack on. Sunday I will get out.  Then I will feel better.

I am dependent on exercise.  Mentally and physically.  I don’t feel good if I don’t wear myself out at least 3 times a week, minimum. Hiking is the only way I can do that anymore.  Everything else hurts or takes too long or is no fun anymore.

I feel like my time is short tonight. That I won’t get done what I want to get done. I have over 2000 miles left to do. 2000.

I need another hike like my four days in Maryland. I loved it.  I loved the people I met.  I loved the rain at night.  I loved being totally exhausted and climbing into my tent.  I love being in my tent as much as I love being out on the trail. It’s just me. Me and my gear. Safe and sound. It’s like nothing can get to me there.  It kind of magical in my tent. Snuggled into my bag. Closing my eyes. Not caring if I sleep or not, and I sleep. Soundly. It’s the best. I almost always sleep a few hours and wake up and read or write for a while and then sleep again.  The night is perfect that way.

Then I cook a hot breakfast, pack up, and go. Then just repeat. Like on a shampoo bottle: Lather, Rince, Repeat. It’s simple and perfect. Hike, sleep, eat, repeat.  Simple.

I love the simplicity.

I’ve really been a bummer lately here.  Sorry about that. Must be the winter getting to me. No. It’s something else. I’ll figure it out.

If you haven’t read much or any of this blog, you wouldn’t bknow that I am a 20 year sober recovering alcoholic. I have a great marriage and a great life, but I’m not totally a normal person, whatever that is. I get these periods of restlessness. It’s how I would feel when I needed a drink.  I don’t need a drink anymore, but I need to DO something.

I was “high” on the hiking and the Trail stuff for months.  I’m not anymore and I don’t like it. I think I will get like that again, but I need to be out there in order to have the chance to get excited again. It’s going down to single digits tonight on the Trail. I don’t have the gear to be comfortable in that weather. 20 degrees, fine, but not lower.

I’m just rattling on now. I’m going to post this mess of an entry.  WTF

Tomorrow will be better.  🙂

That’s me, second from the right. My brother is in front with the beard. Eloise, his mother in law is in the back, and Fred and Madylin are the two remaining. Brother and sister in laws. Just though I’d post this. It was lunch at a glass studio. We did some sandblasting. 



3 thoughts on “I Joined the ATC

  1. Adventure of a different kind. Drove Chadds Fords to Ashland VA at about 40mph in the snow. Camp at Holiday Inn surrounded by ice and snow. Trekked to McD across the parking lot to find it closed. Had to settle for what there was to find at the local gas station. Stouffer mac & cheese & bad personal pizza. Still better than a tent at less time than 20 degrees. 😜

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