Going for 5 days out!

That would be VA Rt 7 and the Appalachian Trail. That is where I parked on my last hike.

I will start there and go SOBO for 5 Days and just see how far I get! I will be somewhere in the Shenandoah National Park. Cool! I’m hoping my new Hiker friend, Calvin, will be able to shuttle me back from I don’t know where! This is different for me. I’m just going to go…

I am a bag of nerves about this trip! Fear and excitement mixed.

I bicycled the length of Skyline drive and back, many years ago. I remember sleeping with a large buck, and raccoons opening my pack and taking granola bars out! I didn’t know about securing food back then. Dumb. Could have been bears!

I was with a friend, Larry Bliss, my cycling buddy at the time. We rode for 4 days and gained weight! Beer and burgers. Both of which are off limits for me now.

I met my first AT Thru-Hiker on that trip. This isn’t her, but as I recall, this is how she looked. Kind of haggard-happy.

We were having dinner, and out of the woods comes a woman with sturdy legs and a backpack. She looked kind of like a like a homeless person. I will look like that by Sunday:)

She sat and had dinner with us. I think we treated her. I’m sure that I asked her all those questions a Thru-Hiker gets. She was kind and answered them all, gracefully. I think that is when the seed was planted.

These are my hiking shoes for now. Saucony Raptors trail running shoes. They were cheap! So, now that I know they work for me, I ordered a second pair. They have great soles and my inserts fit in them well. The Brooks I have been wearing with the pronation tilt, turn my ankles to far out as I walk. My ankles want to turn. Can’t have that!

I’m off boots for now, as well. The pressure on my Achilles, from boots, seems to cause me some pain. I may need them in the northern mountains later, but boots are HEAVY. Light feet feels really good and now that PA is behind me, with its rocks, I should be ok through Virginia.

It was really easy packing good this time! My Nutrisystem meals and snacks are perfect Trail food! I will just add some calories with Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Fish and maybe some trail mix.

My Hiker friend, tennis coach Sleeping Beauty and Amanda, one of her senior players! She just sent me the photo. Two women in a one person kayak, one with a snow shovel for a paddle??? I just had to document this somewhere for a future giggle!!!

I am so going to miss following that team around:( It sure has been fun!

It’s now Tuesday morning. 2 days until lift-off. I’m not as nervous now as I was yesterday. Hmm.


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