The Day Before

So why do I feel so much anxiety? Maybe it is just excitement.

I am thinking to far ahead. Thinking about the danger. Thinking about the weather. Thinking about the 4 hour drive to the Trail. Hoping my wife will be ok while I am gone. Hoping no one messes with my car for the 6 days I will be in the Trail.

All things that I can do NOTHING about today.

I am prepared. Yolande is an adult. She can handle herself just fine.

This is how I am trying to learn to be. There is so much that I have no control over! Everything, actually. All this stuff causing me anxiety is going to go the way it is supposed to go. I’m in God’s Hands. Wow. I have never written that before.

This will be a very different experience. I am letting the trail just take me. I am just going to walk. Walk to the next water and campsite.

Eyes open. Seeing not looking.

And this is important. Very important to me. I am on this planet, living a second chance, to help other’s and keep myself fit to do just that.

The AT feeds my Spirit.

The odds are not in my favor. Not a large percentage of 60 plus Section Hikers finish.

I will beat the odds!

All In

5 thoughts on “The Day Before

  1. My favorite part is the thinking out loud of your writing. It is refreshing, honest and feels true. I am glad you choose what is not true and that is your fears and what is going on in the future, that is all just babble, right? Keep bangin’ on my friend

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