Dismal Creek

Well. I’m camped on the bank of Dismal Creek. I’ll have to look up why they call it that when I can get back on the net tomorrow at Trent’s Garage.

I’m quitting. No more hiking for a while. I need to get my heel checked out. It’s sore. Last hike it turned black and blue. I don’t thing it’s a bruise. Maybe, but maybe there is a tear of some sort down there.

I’ve had a bad case of Achilles Tendinitis. I hiked with pretty severe pain for 7 miles in Connecticut. That sent me to PT for 3 months. Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. When I saw the podiatrist, she said I had put myself at risk for a torn Achilles. I do not want a torn Achilles. I’m not sure, but I think there are tendons attached to the heel on the back and bottom. I think maybe I have a tear on the bottom. That wouldn’t be the Achilles but a tear there could be more even debilitating. Then surgery and tons of PT.

I can be a bit of an alarmist. When I was younger, I just worked through this kind of stuff. In the past few years, so much has gone wrong with my body. I’ve become shell shocked I think!

Let me see. Lyme Disease, thyroid cancer, prostate surgery, urinary reflux, kidney infection causing sepsis, multiple squamous cell skin cancers, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and a kink in my small intestine causing another overnight hospitalization. Oh yeah, moderate to severe arthritis in my hip.

Quite a list. All of them real. It seems that I hit 65 and all heck broke loose!

Back to the point. I’m going just under 6 miles tomorrow and camping at Trent’s Garage.

Then taking a shuttle back to my car at Woods Hole Hostel. From there I will drive to Angel’s Rest and see if they have place for me to camp. I’m sure they will.

Here is some beautiful stuff I passed today…

Ha. I got up. My total attitude shifted. I went 9 miles and had an amazing time. Today I went 3 miles and got a shuttle back to my car. I’m now at Angel’s Rest Hostel, relaxed in a lawn chair.

Maybe that creek rubbed off on me.

All In.

7 thoughts on “Dismal Creek

    1. I should have posted them in order. I just wanted them finished and up. I have to do them when I’m in the right mood. Lately, with the virus, it’s been tough to stay up and energized.


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