Ahhhhhh! I’m 70!

Hike One

Those are some dirty feet. My feet! No shower for 4 days Wrong socks. Bad shoes. Uncomfortable sleeping pad. My first serious backpacking trip

It was day 4 on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland. 40 miles. Just me and the trail and the woods.

They said it would be easy. It was not easy. They said there would be no hills or rocks. Right. They said there would be plenty of water. Not.

It was the hardest physical exercise I had done in decades. It was just plain hard. Of course, I was not young anymore. But…

I loved it. Every minute. Every step. I was hooked. Big time. It’s 4 years later. Still hooked.

Now, I can’t quite hike yet. My new hip is not quite ready. I’m not quite strong enough. Fit enough. Light enough. I’ve lost confidence. I’m not even half way finished the Appalachian Trail, yet.

And now, I’m 70. Seventy. Geez. 70. Time is running out. I’m ready. So ready.

I will be finished by the Fall of 2022.

Hmmm. I wrote the above draft on December 9th. It is now December 21st. I’m still not ready. I hurt my hip a little carrying a heavy pack up the hill out of Wind Gap.

I did too much, too soon. As soon as I was pain free, I overdid it! My lifetime M.O.

I have dialed it back. I’m walking twice a day around Easton. Giving my hip plenty of time. I will start with a light pack on New Year’s Day.

And now it’s January 4th.

I will be ready to go in Mid February. Adding weight gradually from now until then.

Have a Lovely Holiday Season all you hiking friends of mine and thank you for all the support you have shown me.

This goal is my last big goal. Maybe. 😊

All In.

5 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh! I’m 70!

  1. You old fart ! Keep riding your bike and walking. Now that your over 69 years of age it takes longer to heal. Thrust me I know . I turned 72 day before yours. LOL OK really I’m rooting for you to finish that fucking trail. Wasn’t being 69 yrs olf fun. ! Be cool, good and safe in 2021. Love ya man.

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  2. The desire is to continue to do our best today and do just a bit better tomorrow, right? Yup. Well, when I was 20 I had my baseline, As the decades progresses that baseline changed, but it never changed the desire to do best today and do better tomorrow. That is still true in our 70’s. I have the joy of memory of being best at various decades, now it is not the finish line but the daily pursuit of that ultimate finish line. Your mother was wrong, you can go to the hospital in smelly socks and old underwear. Have fun, all in.

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