Well now. My life has been realigned once more. On Thursday, I had a Trans Ischemic Attack. A mini stroke. Year number 70 is proving to be a challenge. I’m fine. They found nothing after.

I was up at 0625 trying to get into a zoom AA meeting. It was so odd. I couldn’t get the numbers from the notebook to the computer properly. After 30 minutes, I arrived slurring my words. A veterinarian in my group who I respect immensely, told me very directly to wake my wife and get to the hospital. I did. My wife was amazing, such a great partner I have. Like a Pit Bull at these times.

I was having trouble walking. Seeing double. Slurring my words. It was a bit better by the time we arrived at the St Luke’s Anderson Center. I received very good care from a whole group of doctors.

After many tests, the found nothing and went with the only working diagnosis. TIA.

I’m taking Eliquis. A blood thinner to handle a clot if that was the culprit and a baby aspirin witch helps with any plaque problem. I feel fine. Just different. I have changed a lot along the way.

I’m a very sensitive person. It is delayed usually, but I feel deeply and care deeply and am a crazy loyal person. People came directly to my mind as I got clear headed again. Friends and family. I love you all.

Funny, this blog started as a diary for my daughters to have after I’m gone. I thought they should know their dad. I wish my dad had done something like this. Then it turned into a hiking journal. Now it’s therapy, at times like this. A place to get my thoughts out.

The point I’m coming to is this:

There is a rather small group of very good friends who read this thing. I really appreciate that you do. Your comments mean so much to me. That you take the time means even more maybe. Thank you.

You are a special bunch to me. I love you all. Lady GaGa just came into my mind with all her fans. What an ego I have!!! Me a Lady GaGa in the same sentence! 😂 She has millions of followers and my number is in single digits! But a very special single digit group you are.

Thank you.


PS. Why the Rey and her droid? The day before the mini stroke I watched that movie again. Can’t remember the title. That is the final frame. She feels the Force running through her. It got me back on track with my Faith. I believe very strongly that we are all connected. That’s why I write entries like this. The Force flows when we love one another. I know you feel it. The Power that is there. It moves me to write a thank you. It moves you all too, in the good you do, and the caring that you show. Feel it today. Act on it. Tap into it, and help and love others. It’s the Way to a great day.

Enjoy yours today my friends. 🙂

17 thoughts on “TIA

  1. Thank God for that Vet who knew what he was doing!!! I just finished a long message to you and left it long enough to confirm Ann’s email address and when I went back to it it was gone. Phew I hate that! I am so glad you’re now ok but plz be mindful of the symptoms of strokes and get to the hospital ASAP should you have any more symptoms ! That’s an order!!!
    xoxo (One of) your favorite cousins

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  2. Wow. Sorry to hear but glad not as serious as it could have been. I love reading your blogs. So much feeling in them. Take care of yourself. You are thought of often.

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  3. Thanks for the update Doug glad you’re doing AA and keeping on the trail too . I’ll be 73 in December 3 days before you turn 71 ! What a scary event . Glad you’re on other side of it . I started walking in March walking around the block .6 miles. Then I got to two laps and 3 days ago I started 3 laps which is 2 miles . Measured it with bike and car odometer years ago when I moved here . Lost about 20 some lbs and feel good . It’s life style change including eating less and doing my own vegetarian stuff too. When we get up in age we need to do the right things. How I ever ran track I’ll never know . Come September I’ll try jogging a little . But as of now not on any meds but last blood test was good except for hemoglobin part which was close to pre -diabetes level so that was wake up call. Ok glad to be on your team ( friends group is small but good) . Love ya man . Hope to catch up with you when lunching with John and Gates .

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  4. Hi Gray – We met last winter – just ran into you on the trail and you started talking to us – two couples about your age. I’ve followed along on your journal. I have my onw health issues and yet I journaled this morning that with the various things wrong with me at age 66, I still ran 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday, and I am glad that I still have running, and hiking, in my life. I saw your latest health scare – and of course it resonates with me. There are various unknowns in our future. Yet you have a wonderful attitude. I don’t know you other than from a stray encounter on the AT last winter, and yet I feel that I do. I wish you continued health and hiking and happiness. Doug Humes

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    1. Feeling 100% Linda. Taking Eliquis with no side effects. I have the green light to get back to the fun stuff. I have 3 trips planned. Finish Mass. Finish VA. Finish GA. Then just the top left. I plan on being done by the end of 2022!


  5. Doug, thank you for sharing this. Scary. And, it was/is very good to have your beloved partner strong and true next to you.

    Yes, the “Force” is with us. Be it a “higher power”, the laws of physics, or belief in the goodness of men of the future.

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  6. Dang Doug. Sorry to hear of your troubles but I have no doubt it won’t slow you down. I know a few people who have had TIA strokes and they are 100% in short order. Knowing you, you’ll find a way to get to 110%.

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