NJ Overnight!

Good Morning Rhododendron!

So, Scott, Betty and I did 11 miles today with full packs. A good warm up for Georgia. Betty and I are headed there on April 1st. We will finish the state.

GA is really tough. Very up and down, and up over 5000 ft in one spot. It could be warm or we could get snow! It will be in the 30s tonight here. Good practice. I’ve been out in colder weather, but I was younger then. 🙂

I was really tired when we got to the shelter. Brink Road Shelter.

First things first. We set up our tents.

The up to the shelter for dinner.

Brink Road Shelter.

Food tastes so good out here. Hardly matters what it is! I had a dehydrated Mountain House meal for two last night. (It’s morning now) Chicken and dumplings. I couldn’t tell the chicken from the dumplings. It was still delicious. 🙂

I’m still in my tent. It’s 0435. Sadie is talking. She wants something. Probably home. I’d get up now but sitting up in the shelter waiting for Scott and Betty would be too cold!

Scott eyeing the beaver’s work!!!

This feels really disjointed. I’m not settled into writing. Actually, I’M BORED!!!

I need the excitement of new trail. I can’t wait! GA. Mass. VT. Maine! This hiking in the middle states, I’ve done enough. It is good helping Betty get her miles.

After GA, NH!!!!!! Katahdin! Mahoosuc I Notch, the toughest mile on the AT!

I can’t wait!!! Enough if this.

Scott said it’s crazy to take two cars to GA taking one car to GA. Can’t do it. I need to pack too much stuff. I could never be organized enough to put it in someone else’s car! I have to tell Betty today. She will be ok with that.

Just a thought…


My friend Sailor. She is off to the PCT soon. We met two years ago on the AT in Virginia. Her husband was fighting cancer and losing the battle. He urged her to go and they hike the AT. Not to stay with him. He wanted her to live.

I connected with her last week. She said he passed in July 2021. Here words were “still trying to find my way.” I cannot imagine. Don’t want to.

She contacted me on her AT Thru hike when she got to Wind Gap. I picked her up and took her to Rita’s Water Ice. She’d never had a gelati. So fun. I love helping trail friends complete their goals, any way I can. Ice cream is always a treat. That and cheeseburgers, for some reason. I guess the body craves calories and fat.

Anyway, it was great to see Sailor. I’ll have to try and describe the trail culture again on here. Another time. Think I’ll try and sleep more..

A. I.

6 thoughts on “NJ Overnight!

  1. Good stuff Doug and best wishes moving forward this season. You’re in my thoughts when I’m walking and just getting started myself . Ok Happy Trails my friend.

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