Hi. I’m Doug Shobert. I used to be “Boom!” then “Hammers” on the Appalachian Trail. Now I am “All In!” I am a person who has played or competed in nearly every sport known to man. Now I hike and do art and try to help other recovering alcoholics. I am a retired Physical Education Teacher, Football Coach, and Theater Director.

This blog was started as an attempt to have some kind of journal about my life for my daughters, Jennie and Marta, and to  document my hikes. It’s working!  I love the writing and the hiking. Double bonus.

The Appalachian Trail has changed my life. I’m not sure how just yet, but I am different. I feel all my feelings more deeply. I appreciate every day more. I love my family and friends much more.

I am growing Spiritually. That is the scary part. Not the bears.

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