Half day

Originally posted on Karma AT2019:
Mile 494—Stealth camp Sunday, April 28 Weelll… best laid plans, right? It was raining, windy, and cold when my alarm went off at 4:30. The rain was what did it, though. I just could not—could not—face packing up in the rain again, and carrying that wet heavy mess. So I…

Pole Vault!

That would be my grandson, Vinnie, just about to clear 13′. When I sent this picture and a video to my brother John, he reminded me that our dad pole vaulted in high school! That would have been around 1932, in DuBois, PA. Our dad was a super athlete, and musician. He was the captain […]

Life Savers

When my oldest daughter, Jennie, was 8, she was hit by a car. I think maybe it was the most traumatic day of my life. I was home, heard a commotion in front of our house on Rt 313 in Quakertown , PA, ran out the front doors, and was the first one at the […]

Confession, finally!

I’ve been trying to get to the Priest Shelter for months! Today I made it!!! I’ll get to that. I started at the base of Spy Rock Road, just outside Montebello, VA. It was about a mile up to the Trail and Spy Rock. That is Spy Rock. The view from the top is fantastic, […]

My Tidy Life

Sometimes you just need to finish things. Coming in first doesn’t matter any more. Just finishing. In my life, while not even realizing it, I left many things unfinished. Back then it seemed like “just getting on with it” was my internal mantra. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward. That’s all gone now. Now […]

4062’ The Priest

Well…it took two attempts but I got to the summit! My first mountain on the AT over 4000 feet. A few days ago, my friend John P. and I hiked up to the first view. That’s me in my lucky Delaware shirt, and John in a full relax position. Truth is, he got there about […]

Classic Doug Gray.

So, I bought this bike, right? No, not THIS bike, but a brand new one of lesser quality. I do this way too much. I try to spend less money and buy an inferior product, thinking I will be OK settling. Settling is not my thing. EVER! The above bike is the one I ended […]