Well now. My life has been realigned once more. On Thursday, I had a Trans Ischemic Attack. A mini stroke. Year number 70 is proving to be a challenge. I’m fine. They found nothing after. I was up at 0625 trying to get into a zoom AA meeting. It was so odd. I couldn’t get […]

New Friends

Every backpacking trip I take brings gifts. Fresh air. Trees. I love trees. Streams. Waterfalls. Wildlife. Cool crawly things. The thing is, the very best gift the Appalachian Trail has given me is friends. I am a recovering alcoholic. Next month I will have 25 years clean and sober. Any of you who know addiction […]


Yes. Day one. The first day one in some time. 2 Covid shots and a new hip, both keeping me safe out here. And of course, there’s Jennie. My hiking partner these days. Yes. Jennie and I are going to Georgia!!! Tomorrow we will do the “Approach Trail” to Springer Mountain, the Southern Terminus of […]

My Life Is So Good! 2/21

Today, I spent the morning, well part of the morning, skiing at Blu Mountain with my newish friend Betty. Betty, like me , is a retired teacher. Retired. Funny word that. Re tired. Hmm. I’m not sure I would have come today had it not been for Betty. I have trouble following through with physical […]

Snow 3/21

Yes. We got snow this year. The first batch was overwhelming. You’re looking at Yolande’s brand new Honda. It’s under there somewhere. That was weeks ago! That snowfall is still here! Truly, in the last 3 decades we have had so little snow. This is great! And another new development. Sometimes it seems like this […]

Mortality in my face.

I am sick of Covid. Covid at breakfast. Covid when I shop. Covid in the news. Covid on NPR. Covid on Sports radio. Covid. Here’s the real problem. I just turned 70. I feel much younger when my head is screwed on correctly. It’s harder to be upbeat and live the life I love, when […]