Doesn’t that look like a lovely day? Warm. Sunny. Georgia.

This is what I got.

It is freezing!!!

I’m in my bag. 4pm. Snow. Sleet. At least no freezing rain.

Too cold to cook outside!

It will be in the mid 20s tonight! I have expedition weight long underwear on under the tights I wear when hiking. Then my shorts. I will put my rain pants over it all if I get cold during the night.

On top I have, 2 moisture wicking long sleeve shirts, a North Face Thermoball vest, under my 850 fill LLBean hooded puffy.

All this will be inside my 15 degree Nemo down mummy bag. 800 fill down.

BTW, a 15 degree bag is not warm enough for me in these conditions. I’m a very cold sleeper.

It’s 9:30pm. I’m warm enough! So far.

4.76 miles and Georgia is done and dusted.

My friend Laura says, “You got this! Easy Peazy!”

She’s right. I got this.


6 thoughts on “Georgia?

  1. More power to you Doug I’m not fan of cold weather but I’m rooting for you completion of Georgia. Again great pictures 📸 . Just remembered shoveling snow off the Burpee basketball court to shoot 15 footers . 😁😎 . Carry on man .

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