All In

I’m “All In.” That’s my trail name, for a number of reasons. Mostly because I rarely do anything with any kind of moderation. Hiking. Coaching. Drinking. Man was I ever “All In” with Alcohol. Not proud of that. Not even proud of being 23+ sober. I’m rarely proud of anything, anymore. Pride. Pride is what […]

What’s to do?

I can’t just do. I have to do toward a goal. Doing for the sake of doing doesn’t work for me. I did that for 9 years. Retired and goal-less. I was sure I could occupy myself. I enjoy so many things. Painting. Walking. Cycling. Surfing. Golf. SUP. Kayaking. Fishing. Guitar. Piano. Woodworking. Reading. Writing. […]

It’s Easter

I was just sitting here thinking that this is the strangest Easter Weekend ever. Then I am looking for a photo to start me off. Writing I mean. Some photo that will match this weird Easter feeling I have. Then there’s Jim. Jim was my best and most trusted AA friend. Jim drank himself to […]

Why Not?

Monday morning i was doubled over in pain and nausea. My digestive system had decided on revenge. I think it was the curry. A new recipe. It started as heartburn. Then stomach burn. Then gut rumble then, the worst nausea/pain I had ever experienced in my nearly 70 years. There was no choice but to […]

Covid 19

That’s me. Having a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my left jawline. I’m wearing a mask. My doc, Campanelli, who I have a crush on, has a mask, eye protection, and is wearing nearly a hazmat suit. Yup, I said crush. Another blog entry needed there. I’m living through a Global Pandemic. Did you think […]

Paarl Rock One

They assured me that I would be safe going up by myself. Safe from crime, that is. For the hiking, I was on my own! The ranger said it was about 800 or 900 meters up, to get to Paarl Rock. That was the easier hike. I said that I felt I could do that. […]