2 days left.

We’re flying home on Monday. I am wondering what home will be like? Here it is quiet streets, empty shelves, and frightened elderly. I think here in South Africa, we have the afraid and the denial groups. I see pretty much no elderly on the streets while, a very popular beach, Clifton, is filled with […]

Breakfast at Thule’s

Rain. Rain in Namibia! I didn’t know there was such a thing! Namibia is one of the least populated and dryist countries in the world. I’m in Windhoek. One of the two largest cities in Namibia. There are only 2.5 million people in the entire country. There are 11 million people in New York City […]

Paarl Rock One

They assured me that I would be safe going up by myself. Safe from crime, that is. For the hiking, I was on my own! The ranger said it was about 800 or 900 meters up, to get to Paarl Rock. That was the easier hike. I said that I felt I could do that. […]

I miss 4 Pines

Nails,???, Special Ed, and Nature Boy! I was told not to stay at the 4 Pines Hostel in Catawba, VA. What a huge mistake that would have been! These are just 4 of the countless number of friends that I have made while walking the Appalachian Trail. The??? girl, was injured, and because I had […]

Back in Cape Town

Movie making. Surfing culture. Real African Art. Sensory candy. Yes. I’m back in Cape Town for about 3 weeks. I’m trying to enjoy myself. Last trip brought the true meaning of gun violence into my life. If you follow me, you know that I was held up at gunpoint last year. It never leaves you. […]

Why Easton?

Everyone keeps asking me why we moved to Easton, PA. Why not? It started with the Quadrant Book Shop…and cafe. Landi fell in love instantly. Jennie introduced us to the place. Homey. Booky. Coffee. Pastry. Healthy food. It’s been a bookshop for something like 20 years, which is eternity for a business these days. Now […]

Gollum Park!

When my daughter Jennie suggested we go for a walk before the Buffalo Bills game in Gollub Park, I thought she said Gollum Park! Yes, Easton has a mountain peak, it’s called “St Anthony’s Nose!” Here it is in the summer. Pretty breathtaking, wouldn’t you say? It’s maybe, about a 40 minute walk from our […]