I thought I didn’t like travel. I was right. I do not like travel. I do love being somewhere else. Switzerland was magical. Partly because it is so different and beautiful. Mostly because we got time to spend with our friend Nicole. That’s Nic. I promised I wouldn’t put her on the internet so here […]


Yep. That’s what time it is right now. Oops 2311. We’ll that disappointing. I’m hot. It was 85 degrees here today. 85!!! I can’t get a signal here. I’ll bet it’s in the high 60s right now. I thought I liked the heat. I don’t. I want it always to be 48 degrees when I […]


Well. I got what I asked for! Thunder, lightning and rain. Awesome! I haven’t been in a tent for a good rain in such a long time! Do you remember canvas? Dad would get mad if we touched the tent material over us. Apparently, it would cause it to drip at that spot. Is that […]

Just Me and Jennie.

This is the 4th plan Jen constructed. 🙂 She really does a good job with this stuff. My plans look like an outline of this. I like to leave it more open. See what happens out there. That’s the part I like most. The stuff between the lines up there. All-In P.S. We hiked. Every […]

Drop The Rock

Ok. I’m wrong in the way I am right. I’m right to always finish what I start. Maybe. I’m right to never quit. Maybe. I’m right to always lead by example. Maybe. You get the idea, right? The problem is that using the words always and never are a bad idea. As a concept, all […]

It’s Time

Just one of my paintings. The most recent, I think. I have to start creating now. The downs are to down. I’ll get back to this. Later today… Maybe I can write my way out of this slump. Diet off. Energy down. Outlook overcast. It’s Winter. I better go play in the snow. Or at […]

Influenza Shot

I’ve put this one off too long. Busy moving. As in a new residence, not my usual “just moving.” I don’t want to get sick. I’m pretty sure that I’ve only had the flu once in my adult life. It was bad. Lifting my arm up to get a drink of water was too much […]

Brooke and Todd

We were supposed to go on a four day backpacking trip in North NJ. It was supposed to be me, Betty, Brooke, Todd, and maybe John M. It was supposed to be one of those fun trips when new backpackers are along. I dropped off the backpacks, a sleeping bag, and an inflatable sleeping pad […]


I am an outside person. Always have been. Always will be. My body is riddled with scars from skin cancer removal. 6 Squamous Cell cancers on my face alone. Today I’m having two scraped off. My chest and my back. In two days I will have the first of two Mohs surgeries. One on my […]