Shenandoah August 2022

Sometimes I just use this blog to store photos. One of these days (my dad’s favorite saying) I’ll not be able to hike. I’ll be in a recliner, feet up, something cold to drink, and I’ll go through all these entries. I had NO idea that this would become what it has become. I am […]

What’s in a name?

I’m tired of All-In. I hear it so much. It’s become a sports “go to” phrase. Yuk. I’m going to be A.I. from now on. I have my own A.I. logo, thanks to my friend Terry. Looks like this. The actual Appalachian Trail logo looks like this: If you put a line on the “T” […]

9 States Finished!

I started in Damascus today…walked 4 miles up to the Virginia/Tennessee border… Then back down the mountain… Into town. Down Main St… Remembrance bricks in the sidewalk… More downtown… T-Shirt shopping… Stopped at my friend Tow’s house. Crazy Larry’s Hostle. Bought 2 shirts… Actually, 3… Started back up Rt 81 to Daleville. Home. Well, almost […]

Really Finish VA!

Well that’s Pacemaker. A Thru hiker I met a month or so ago up at Fox Gap. She’s holding one of my All-In chips; said she would send me a photo from Katahdin, Chip in hand. She has to be nearly finished. I wonder if she will. They call her “Pacemaker” because she is always […]

Into Damascus!!!

I think the storm is over. The thunder stopped around 4am. My tent fly is soaked. I’ll pack it separately from my tent. Must have a dry tent. Must have a dry sleeping bag and pad. If I get stuck. Staying warm is the most important thing. Even in summer. Wind up on the mountain […]

Midnight Lightning

Here’s an AT quip: “It wasn’t supposed to rain!?“ I’m using an exclamation point and a question mark to demonstrate “confused.” There was no rain in the forecast. Ha ha. I woke up at midnight to thunder and lightning and rain. It’s 4:52 now and the lightning is still in the sky. I don’t think […]

Whitetop Mountain to Damascus

That’s it. The only remarkable happening today besides me getting hot and exhausted. I started with a 1500’ downhill. Funny about this hiking thing; at some point, always, I hate going uphill. While that’s happening, I can’t wait to get to the top and go down. Then at some point during the down, I hate […]

Up Early

5:10. Would like to go get my food bag. Afraid of mosquito attack. This has been a great hike. It was harder on me physically than I expected, I think. I’ll need to get lighter. Food is such a problem. I like it in too large helpings. Or should I say two large helpings. Either […]

The Grayson Highlands!

I thought I went especially to see the wild ponies. I’ll go back for the landscape!!! Have a look: There was some fun bouldering, too! Great people as always. I can’t write about the experience. I camped the first night with ponies, cows, and Longhorn Steer! I was high for most of the second day’s […]

Friday Morning

That’s my backyard. It’s become a jungle in the last two weeks! There is a brick area just in front of this photo. That is my first “Single Wall” tent. I’m testing it in the rain. It uses my trekking poles for support and weighs just under 2 lbs. Single wall tents are lighter because […]