The Single Wing

I know this probably interests no one but me but, this is what was known as the single wing offense, formation. Invented by Glen “Pop”Warner around 1907. He was then the coach at Carlisle College. The reasoning behind this new idea, was that the”wing” back could get into pass routes faster from this new location. […]

It’s a Bear!

Oh my. I was listening to a speaker at an AA meeting this morning. He had gotten a terrible night’s sleep at Hickory Run State Park, because there were so many bears. They kept him awake all night! That cartoon above came right to mind. “So many bears!” First of all, Black bears are EXTREMELY […]


(2 weeks ago). I went to Lower Bucks County today for my Pre-op Covid 19 test. The people are always so nice when I’m getting a medical procedure. It’s the procedure that’s the problem. Up my nose went a pipe cleaner type thing. It felt like it was entering my brain! Just as I couldn’t […]

Post Op 1

I have nothing to write about. I guess I’m depressed or just in a recession. My mental trick to having a good life is to always have something to look forward to. Saturday is my food day. I eat things I don’t normally eat on the other 6 days. Sweet stuff. Shrimp. Sour dough pretzels. […]

Surgery Eve

Had a textersation with Jennie last night. She coming off a surgery and me going in for one, tomorrow. While we weren’t talking, I had the thought/idea that maybe I should go back and look through some of my hiking photos. Since I’ll be off the Trail for the foreseeable future. I’ve never written foreseeable […]

I Can’t Hike!

My world has filled up with possibilities!!! I can’t believe it. Ever not know you’ve been down until you come out of that fog? I’m out. I can’t hike. I’m having my hip replaced on Thursday. It’s become such a good thing. In my obsession to hike like crazy until the surgery, my eyes were […]

It’s Dark Out There!

Well, I left home after lunch and drove to Culver Gap in Branchville, NJ. I found a spot in the lot and backed in, looked out my window, and there was a guy sitting under an umbrella, in front of a whole selection of trail food! “Moose” is a Trail Angel extraordinaire. I asked him […]

Gren Anderson!

That’s me at Gren Anderson Shelter. I’m just out for a few days to keep my wits about me, as my hip replacement surgery ticks it’s way closer. August 6th is H-Day. Last night after only a one and a half mile hike, I set up camp. It looked stormy, so I hurried. No rain. […]


I think by now you all know, I’m an AA guy. Actually, I love Alcoholics Anonymous. I truthfully don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for “the rooms,” as we like to call them. I’m sitting in the parking lot of a local park, waiting for the AA meeting to show itself. […]