What Do You Think?

They light up the newly restored steeple on top of the First United Church of Christ, on 3rd and Church Streets in Easton, PA. I know it’s supposed to get all we Easton residents in the Holiday Spirit, but truthfully, it’s looks a bit vampirish to me, right? As the sun goes down, the red […]

Adios 2020

As I say my good byes to this awful year, I can’t help but be a little grateful. A lot grateful. Grateful for Dr. Star who put a new hip in me. Right before the surgery he asked me, “Now which hip are we doing?” Being a little puzzled, I said, “The right one!” To […]

Decision Made

Ok. Enough now. I can hike. I remember how to set up my tent. I can handle the cold. My hip is almost completely healed. I’m not going out there overnight by myself, anymore. It’s way to boring. I need people or a new section of the AT. So anyway, I hiked in. Set up […]


I wrote this email to an old hiker friend of mine. He had the idea to hike the entire trail when I thought he was crazy…ironic, wouldn’t you say? The email when like this: You know Pete. Some days I wake up and think I’m crazy to try and finish this trail. It is the […]

Thank you.

I will do this profusely when I finish this major accomplishment, at some point in the near future. That’s right. I said near future. This is the final push. I have to do this now. Finish Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail. I will profusely thank all of you who have lifted me up those mountains. […]

It’s About Time

Dirt. Dirty. Filthy dirty. I hadn’t been without a shower for 4 days since maybe…ever. Now it’s a regular occurrence. I loved getting dirty. I felt young again. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I didn’t care who saw me. I just plain didn’t care about anything but hiking. Hiking the Appalachian Trail. I was […]


Am I out hiking? Is my new hip all ready to go? Nope. I’m just waiting for my daughter Jennie and her step sister Abby. They started at Wind Gap on the Appalachian Trail, and are camping at the Kirkridge Shelter tonight after a 9 mile hike! I just now got this photo! That’s Jennie […]

The Single Wing

I know this probably interests no one but me but, this is what was known as the single wing offense, formation. Invented by Glen “Pop”Warner around 1907. He was then the coach at Carlisle College. The reasoning behind this new idea, was that the”wing” back could get into pass routes faster from this new location. […]

It’s a Bear!

Oh my. I was listening to a speaker at an AA meeting this morning. He had gotten a terrible night’s sleep at Hickory Run State Park, because there were so many bears. They kept him awake all night! That cartoon above came right to mind. “So many bears!” First of all, Black bears are EXTREMELY […]