Life Savers

When my oldest daughter, Jennie, was 8, she was hit by a car. I think maybe it was the most traumatic day of my life. I was home, heard a commotion in front of our house on Rt 313 in Quakertown , PA, ran out the front doors, and was the first one at the […]

Confession, finally!

I’ve been trying to get to the Priest Shelter for months! Today I made it!!! I’ll get to that. I started at the base of Spy Rock Road, just outside Montebello, VA. It was about a mile up to the Trail and Spy Rock. That is Spy Rock. The view from the top is fantastic, […]

My Tidy Life

Sometimes you just need to finish things. Coming in first doesn’t matter any more. Just finishing. In my life, while not even realizing it, I left many things unfinished. Back then it seemed like “just getting on with it” was my internal mantra. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward. That’s all gone now. Now […]

4062’ The Priest

Well…it took two attempts but I got to the summit! My first mountain on the AT over 4000 feet. A few days ago, my friend John P. and I hiked up to the first view. That’s me in my lucky Delaware shirt, and John in a full relax position. Truth is, he got there about […]

Classic Doug Gray.

So, I bought this bike, right? No, not THIS bike, but a brand new one of lesser quality. I do this way too much. I try to spend less money and buy an inferior product, thinking I will be OK settling. Settling is not my thing. EVER! The above bike is the one I ended […]

The Endless Summer

John Whitmore. The father of South African surfing. Affectionately called, “Die Oom.” (The Uncle!) If you were a surfer in the ’60s, you saw the Bruce Brown film, “The Endless Summer.” It was like watching a dream. I worked at the County Theater in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in the States when it was released. I was […]

For Sale

Today, our house went on the market. We’ve been working on the place for 5 weeks. It is shiny clean. New paint. Electrical and plumbing tuned up. The new owner could move in now! Just a few of the shots I took. The pro photographer was here yesterday, shooting it all for the listing. Seeff, […]