Virginia Tech and the AT

It was an up and down showing for the Blue Hens. I missed Friday but Saturday was a disaster and Sunday a joy. That’s sophomore Caraugh Courtney from Ireland, in an earlier doubles match. She won her singles match Sunday easily. Played really well. Solid. That’s freshman Jojo Bach from England. She played BIG. Better […]

Virginia Tech

I spent today at the Fall ITA Regional Championships on the campus of Virginia Tech. This is where they were supposed to be played… Instead it was held inside for most of the day. Nice facility. I did a bit of walking around the campus. Impressive football stadium. Surrounded by a ton of athletic fields. […]

Air Blazer!

Cheeseburger. Large Mac and cheese. French fries with cheese and gravy. Can you tell she hiked 44 miles in the past two days? I had a fun dinner at the Minisink Hotel, just outside the Delaware Water Gap last Sunday. I got a text from “Air Blazer” a few days before, asking if I could […]

It is different down there.

Baked apple, cheddar, and turkey. Now THAT’S a sandwich! I have never seen a sandwich with baked apples in it EVER, above the Mason-Dixon Line. Baked apples are definitely a Southern thing, like biscuits and gravy. Southern. Grits. Southern. I like all of those things. I really like Virginia. The food is less snotty, just […]

From Trout Creek…

That’s the VA 620 Trout Creek footbridge, my starting point. From there, I was about to walk North over Dragon’s Tooth and down to the 4 Pines Hostel. Then “Nature Boy” would shuttle me back to pick up my car. The next morning he would take me to VA Rt 311 and drop me for […]