Air Blazer!

Cheeseburger. Large Mac and cheese. French fries with cheese and gravy. Can you tell she hiked 44 miles in the past two days? I had a fun dinner at the Minisink Hotel, just outside the Delaware Water Gap last Sunday. I got a text from “Air Blazer” a few days before, asking if I could […]

It is different down there.

Baked apple, cheddar, and turkey. Now THAT’S a sandwich! I have never seen a sandwich with baked apples in it EVER, above the Mason-Dixon Line. Baked apples are definitely a Southern thing, like biscuits and gravy. Southern. Grits. Southern. I like all of those things. I really like Virginia. The food is less snotty, just […]

From Trout Creek…

That’s the VA 620 Trout Creek footbridge, my starting point. From there, I was about to walk North over Dragon’s Tooth and down to the 4 Pines Hostel. Then “Nature Boy” would shuttle me back to pick up my car. The next morning he would take me to VA Rt 311 and drop me for […]

North or South?

Just a couple of random photos. Top one from Massachusetts, bottom from Virginia. After I hike in VA, I’m sure I want to go back and hike there next. After I hike in MA, I’m sure I want to go back there next. 4 hours north. 7 hours south. 20 degrees difference in daytime temperature. […]

More MA

Just wanted to post a few more photos from my first walk in Massachusetts… this place has had a profound effect on me. The land and the people! Drive by shots from Sheffield and Great Barrington! A two floored church. Interesting. Sometimes the flat is so visually beautiful I just stop. This was the very […]