My Newish Pack


My first ever real backpack. One day, if this becomes the habit I hope it does, I will probably spend more for a lighter pack. This one is about 5 lbs.  That may sound light if you are new to this equipment but it’s not.

Crocs are heavy.  I was told Crocs are heavy and I couldn’t believe it.  There must be footwear made from Styrofoam.  Every ounce counts.  1 lb on your feet stresses your body like 4 lbs on your back. (so says the U.S. Military)

In the bottom, where it says “Odyssey” is where my sleeping bag goes. I will lash my tent on top and my ground pad outside my sleeping bag compartment.  All the rest goes inside: food, cooking gear, clothes.

Yes, this is the pack I stuffed full of books and hammers and ripped my calf muscle in a fit of “Hiker’s High.” I was so excited to finally be in the woods with my new pack, I went too fast and too hard without any kind of warm up.  One day I will be more deliberate in my entry into a new experience. Who am I kidding? I will never change my approach. I love my enthusiasm.

Oh, right. “Newish” because I got it on Ebay for about half it’s original price.   🙂

Oh, right 2.  T minus 2 days until my biopsy.  Yuk.

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