First Overnight!

I loaded my Osprey Pack and hiked a bit to just see how my calf was. So far so good! Then loaded my kayak and paddled over to Rattlesnake Island for my first overnight with all my new gear!


A forest fire has been raging for 5 days nearby. Thousands of acres leveled in the windy very dry conditions. Made me a little nervous but I guess to be on an island would be a good thing.

I set up camp, relaxed a bit, and heated up some chili for dinner.  I have been running around on this island all my life thinking about camping here. Picking spots.  In the end I found this ok place mostly because it was out of the wind and facing the sunrise.




My little Esbit heated the can of chili very well. Beautiful!  I the k I may switch to an alcohol stove.  The little blocks smell too much like fish!

I didn’t sleep very well. Cold. My Army Surplus bag was not warm enough and not roomy enough. Also, I need more insulation under my mattress and a flatter spot. I kept sliding down the floor all night!

All in all a great time.


I loaded up my gear in the kayak, stepped in, kayak went out  and I  proceeded to sit slowly into the lake! Hand down, foot down, both feet down and bum to the bottom! I really felt like my dad. I flashed to him rolling into the lake one morning while getting into a boat. I sort of like that I did it now, too!  Loved my dad. 😄😄😄

Thanks to my new no cotton rule, I stayed pretty warm on my paddle back to shore. Built a fire in the cabin and dried off.

Seems to be a Shobert thing. One of us always falls in at least once a year. Brother John went in not so long ago.  I watch and videoed the episode while in hysterics. Guess it was my turn!  Karma.


I bow down again to Patagonia.  This jacket was the reason I made it through the night. Warm and very light. There is a reason people buy these things.  I started believing 40 years ago.  Then I forgot band tried to save money and spent more. Never again.

Can’t wait to go again.

After I dried off I put on my pack and went 1.75 miles just to hike when I was tired and a little sore.  Pretending to be on the PCT.  Ha.

2 thoughts on “First Overnight!

  1. Them kayaks is tricky. 🙂
    Way to go, adventure man. You bring to mind our trips to the Lehigh as kidlets for Easter. Somebody (okay, everybody) “fell in” the river. I can guarantee that it was a very short visit. The trip back up the hill was greeted by our parents’ collective headshaking and a scrub with a warm towel.
    Can’t beat it.

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