Evansburg State Park

I have two buddies who go often for hikes at Evansburg State Park.  Rob and Paul. It’s close; just 15 minutes from my house.  Why have I not gone there?  Not sure.  I went once and got confused about where to start.  Weird.  It seemed so simple this time.

It was a damp day but the colors still seemed vivid. The greens were really green.  All shades of green like Spring and Early Summer are. Summer green is somehow more muted, unless it’s after a thunderstorm when the greens are wet. That may be the best.


The hiking trails are narrow, not like the horse trails which are wide and clear.  I was a little worried about questing ticks.  You know, when they sit high on the grasses and attach, with they’re front claws, to anything warm blooded or sending off carbon dioxide.  That’s what I said, they can detect higher levels of CO2 and head that way. Never sit still on a log, in the grass, or up against a tree.  They will find you.  Yes, I am paranoid.  Have you forgotten my bout with Lyme Disease…I haven’t.


I especially enjoyed the ribbon trails across the steeply pitched earth.  They were well maintained.  Thank you, who ever you are who does that!


The hillside was deeply gouged here from our last heavy rain.



The Skippack Creek traverses the entire Park.  It is wide and quite shallow.  That pile of small logs across the way is stacked about 7 feet higher than the current water level.  The water must roar through here after a storm.  I’m coming to see that.


This is the largest Shagbark Hickory tree I have ever seen!  It was about 4 feet in diameter.  I didn’t know they got that big…cool.  Hickory maybe has been cut and used for things, maybe why I haven’t seem big ones. Baseball bats. Sticks to whack kids with.  Oh, that’s right, I forgot.  We don’t whack kids anymore. Hmmm.  Stories for another time from another time.


These walkways were beautifully done.  Someone really cares about these paths.  it was really a pleasant hike in spots.

All in all a good 3+ mike walk.

My hormone levels must be off today again.  I think I need a larger dose of the Synthroid.  I guess after the surgery they said they will triple what I am getting now.  Why not give me that now?  Why don’t I think of these questions in the doctors office?

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