Seems I wake up at this time often. I did another 5 miler with another pair of friends yesterday. These were not AA buddies, but great old friends from HS. We are all three 65. John’s 11 year old Poodle joined us. What a lovely trooper he was. “Bo.”

I drank them both out of my life. I’m speaking at an AA meeting tomorrow night and I just invited them to this Open Meeting. I’ve never done this before. It’s time for me to share the most important part of my life with them. It’s a God As I Understand Him meeting. I am very alternative in this area…and very happy that way. I intend to come more out of the closet in this talk.  Not gay out. Alternative god out.

In AA, this has been the toughest area for me. I will be 20yrs sober on the 28th of June if I keep doing what I am doing. I don’t believe God or god keeps or got me sober. I believe my HP wants me sober but that  I got cornered and made a decision to live and not die.  I got myself into that corner and once I started out I received an enormous amount of help. Mostly from the people. Maybe god with skin I’ve heard some say.

I definitely didn’t do this myself.

This is me trying out my thoughts with you. It’s working,  🙂   but now I must sleep.  It’s 0309.

It was a lovely day with these men. I want them to share this part of my past. Maybe I’m making an amend or maybe just showing them where I’ve been. No matter. It is good. A good decision to ask them to come whether they do or not…Good Night.

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