What Catches My Eye







Ever since I can remember I have seen things. Not just looked at them. I didn’t know that seeing was something that not everyone did. I think maybe it’s wonder. Such a great word wonder is. Some years ago I put on my wonder jacket and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s a process for me. I look. I see. I wonder.

It’s not that the wonder needs to be answered. Wonder just for wonder’s sake. A state of wonder needing nothing. Especially not answers. Answers limit the wonder. Then maybe it slides into awe.

Awe is what feels like god to me. Awe is enough. Awe doesn’t expect anything. Awe doesn’t control. Awe humbles me. Awe inspires me. Awe connects me to the greater. Makes me grateful to be alive.
Can awe be god?

I think the hormones or lack of are getting to me. Doug minus thyroid is not Doug with thyroid…yet. Maybe I will be a better Doug.  Awe knows I could definitely improve. Lots of room for that. I need to find the better version of me again.

Yes, it’s definitely my wacked out brain chemistry.

I love this planet and my life on it.  It doesn’t have to have been made by anything or anyone. It just is. I just am.  🙂

I’m back. Wow. My brain really took off up there…

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