D and R

I went out on the Delaware and Raritan Canal towpath today.  It was my firts real cycling since Lyme Disease and Thyroid Cancer hit me starting 15 months ago!  The heat was oppressive but the ride was magic.  Just to be rythmically pedaling again and covering ground is such a rush for me.  I love to cycle.

I just acquired a full set of panniers and plan to do some Mountain Bike Camping soon.  Today was my first training ride. I have decided to cycle and paddle now until the Fall when I will feel safer with regard to the ticks.  Lyme disease was a bitch, really.  I may still have it in some form.  That thought niggles at me sometimes.  Some say you are never cured. One Day At A Time as with EVERYTHING.

I saw a Common Snapping Turtle!  They have been around for 50 million years!  Humans for 200,ooo.  Snappers for 50 million!  Think about that.  They were here with the dinosaurs.  The Common Snapper has a smooth shell.  The Aligator Snapper has a rough aligator like shell.

33.64 kilometers today.  I like to ride in kilometers…they click off faster than miles!  Good for my ADHD.

I think I will try to ride 3 days a week; at least 20 miles. All of it off road.  I don’t ride the roads anymore.  Life is risky enough.

I wonder of Karma made her 20 miles?  I hope so.  Mine was way easier…she was on foot!

Today was my first day on the upped dose of thyroid meds. I was wondering if the side effects would hamper  me or if my body would react to the exercise in a different way.  It didn’t seem to. A very happy camper I am.  🙂   🙂   🙂

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