Connecting the Dots

I’ve decided to section hike the AT. Really. The whole thing. Today, I started connecting the sections I’ve previously done. 

When my friend Karma and I did THE 20, that’s THE 20, ( it will forever be THE 20 or 20BOOM) my FIRST 20, we stopped at 10 miles south of the Eckfield Shelter and hiked back to the cars. 

Today, I started in Port Clinton and hiked north to that turn around spot. I hugged the same tree (see photo below) I hugged on THE 20. Dot connected. Port Clinton is the southern most point I’ve covered in PA. 

Between there and Sunfish Pond in NJ, there are a number of sections to be connected. I will finish all those first and then begin extending on both ends. 

Just outside Port Clinton, this was painted on the wall of the Rt 61 underpass. Pretty cool that the graffiti artists have kept their distance. 

I had all my “please don’t shoot me” gear on!

I am a tree hugger by the way, and proud of it. 

Mauve maple leaves. Different. 

Coming back into Port Clinton, the Schuylkill River caught my eye. I was happy to be down the “leaf slippery” hill. 

Geez, I feel content today. 

I’ve never really had a really long term goal like this. It’s doable. 

I actually never thought I’d live this long. Now, almost anything is possible. 😀

Next up – “Balance Rocks” to Rt 309. 

2 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Give me fair warning when you are nearing Clingmans Dome. I’ll haul you off the mountain and buy you a meal.
    Go for it! Oh, and we will be close enough to Mount Mitchell that I might sucker you into a round of golf.


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