It’s Different Now (12 but only six count!)

Sassafras. If you crumble the leaf in your hands it smells like lemon. If you steep the roots you get tea. Sometimes the leaves only have one section to the side of the middle section. It looks like a mitten.

This has nothing to do with what I want to say.

First, I’m writing this blog to document my hiking life and for Jennie and Marta. Just in case they want to see what my life was like.

Second, everything is different now. I am covering ground now with purpose. I’m Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail. Every step I take moves me toward my goal. I love this!

I’ve given up. I can not and do not want to walk and smell the flowers. I said once that the vistas on the trail are for day hikers. Generally, I still believe this. There will be places like Clingman’s Dome, when I will stop and not just smell but eat the roses. Sweet spots along the way. That’s different. I will completely enjoy those times. I’m excited thinking about that.

I think I said before; no more out and backs. Everything will count. 😀 I have to finish this before I’m recycled!  😀💥🌳

A few more photos from today:

I think that sign marks a corner where 3 counties meet.

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