The World is my Lobster

This is one of those AT standards. Down at the Mason-Dixon Line.

What do you see? Some happy guy, looking like he’s about to embark on an adventure, right?

Me, I see myself with a roll over my tightened waist belt and shorts stuck up my crotch. Yes. That is what I see.

I’m glad I have this picture. Rhonda,my shuttle driver, took me there for the shot.  I think I was on the trail. I know I was freezing, nervous, excited, and confused. I was like A Brahma in the shoot at a rodeo, ready to buck Rhonda off and let me go. I needed to get the shorts out of my crotch, too.

One of the reasons I hiked the length of Maryland was to lose some of that roll. 10 lbs is gone now and I have momentum. My key to weight loss. Momentum. A subject for another time.

My wife saw this picture and said that I look like the world is my oyster. I said to her, “Can the world be my lobster, please?”

That proverb, “The world is my oyster,” first appears in ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor.’

Falstaff: I will not lend thee a penny! Pistol: Why then, the world’s mine oyster. Which I with sword shall open’ Act 3 Scene 2

I love learning the origins of phrases like these. Such a great way to think about my life. Like opening an oyster. I suppose the sword was the opener for a reason. The world was a dangerous place in 1600. Robbers everywhere. Adventure always started with a sword in hand, but why an oyster? Shakespeare must have liked oysters.

Today when Yolande described my look and used oyster. I immediately saw the slimy mess on a half shell. The way my dad slurped them down. Yuk.

Lobster. From now on I will think of the world as my lobster. I love lobster. Love lobster.  I miss Aunt Kit. SHE bought me lobster all the time. I was her godson. Another story for another time.

When I am at my best, that is how I feel, like the world is my lobster.

Now my thoughts go to this week again. Election Day. So many Americans will lose their lobster life. President Obama knew the true meaning of equality. He was so good for us, especially in that way. I am a white male. I have an unfair advantage in so many parts of this world. I have felt guilt about that for a long time now. Maybe 20 years. Maybe more. Many of my friends are not white males. I am sick to my stomach for them. AA has brought these friends very close to me. AA had taught me so many things and maybe the most important is to love all people.

In Cape Town, some of my street friends smell when they sit in the circle. Some are Muslim. Some are black. Some are women. Many are LGBTQ. All these lovely friends are going to be affected more from this election than any other in history. Historic change was made in the last 8 years.

Y and I happened to be in New Paltz, NY on the weekend when their mayor made gay marriage legal. The town was filled with same sex newlyweds! There was the most amazing buzz! These couples weren’t just married, the were freed. They were like white men. Free to be whatever they wanted, the way we entitled always feel. Free. The world was their lobster.

Now all that joy is in jeopardy. Tuesday changed everything.

I’m going to stop doing nothing about all of this.

Yikes. Everything I write turns to this subject. I’m stopping now.

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