Top Rock Trail

There it is. The Top Rock. Maybe 75 yards up ahead. I stopped here. 

It’s a big pile of car, to small house sized, stones! I had completely forgotten how cool it was up here. I thought the rocks were just big in my memory as a child. I hadn’t taken this short hike for over 30 years. 

Then I realized that 30 years ago, I was 36! Hardly a child. The rocks are big. 

The trail is about a mile from Rt 563, on Top Rock Trail road, naturally. It starts like you see above, but then gradually turns to this: 

Can you find my 4′ trekking poles in the photo? Those rocks are at least 12 feet high! Nice shelter there, too. 

Like I said. I didn’t reach the top. I was just stretching my legs and trying out my new Merrell hiking shoes, so I stopped, just short of the scramble to the top. I decided to save the finish for another time. 

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