Duncannon to Boiling Springs 1146.9 to 1121.6

These are the steps into the hill leaving Duncannon, SOBO. The Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club is responsible for these steps and pretty much the entire 25 miles I hiked. They have done an INCREDIBLE job! You’ll see all sorts of trenches, bridges, and stonework along this well cared for Section. Thank you very much.

Hawk Rock Vista is a really cool spot. The drop-off is a bit scary, for me anyway, but the view is pretty great. It was a climb, but worth it. The wind was blowing sustained at 25 and the temperature in the low 20s. Cold.

Cove Mountain Shelter. SE facing for the morning sun and a double Privy!

I guess there were some snorers here last night.

I love the bunks. The top bunks really. Makes me feel like a kid again. 🙂

My first photo with the new spider stand for my phone. So much fun to take pictures this way.

Pipeline crossing.

Nice down through the Mountain Laurel and young pines. 

I really loved going through these pastures. Nice being out of the woods.

Darlington Shelter! Oops, this one had the double Privy! It was really cold that night. 10 degrees with a strong wind. I pitched my tent inside the shelter. Bad etiquette, really bad, but I had never been out in that kind of weather. Below zero wind chills.

Yoda and I cooked dinner: chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, and a mocha java. Hot food tasted great. I work up 3 times and made more soup!

Man, I’m out of it today. Still tired from pushing too hard on the hike. This is the Section cared for by the CVATC.

I was off early. Had 15 miles to reach Boiling Springs.

Cool stone bench with a great view. Imaging the work this took!

Morning light is the best.

How did this get here?

This tunnel was newly built or restored.

Lots of bridges across this flat section.

Then through some beautiful farmland:

Over Rt 81.

Then Sherpa showed up and took my pack! Spoiled I am. Good guy he is.

We both suffered difficult losses just prior to this hike. Scott a treasured co-worker and me, my HS football coach and dear friend for 50 years, Michael Pettine Sr. A good time to walk in the woods, for sure.

Scott has Horse Whisperer skills. 🙂


A family cemetery.

I didn’t shoot any more photos. We met lots of nice people on the Trail that morning. And their dogs.

We covered the 15 miles in 5 1/2 hours. That’s REALLY fast for me. Not so fast for Sherpa. I was in the front, possessed. Head down at my 18 minute mile pace. Like a horse going back to the barn. I was too tired and sore from the previous day to go that fast. I’m still tired, 3 days later!

We finished the day with another GREAT burger at the Doyle in Duncannon.

We’re getting to be regulars!

What I learned: Just because it’s flat, doesn’t mean I have to walk fast and it’s true that fuel freezes and becomes useless. After a 3am cup of soup, I forgot to put the fuel back in my sleeping bag! I only got a very low flame.




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