Two More Sleeps

Tuesday I’ll begin a three day trip that will finish the stretch from Harper’s Ferry to the New York border. I’m going to try and stop until we return from South  Africa in August. 

Not sure I can. 

I’ve gotten so used to the planning. I love having something ahead in my life to look forward to doing. It’s been how I have always lived my life. Only he first years or retirement were a departure from that pattern, and I was floundering and didn’t know why. 

Beating an athlete and then a coach, for all my life, was no accident. I’m wired for that life. The next game or tournament has become the next Section of the AT. 

I’m in my groove. I don’t want to stop. I will have to. Getting ready for 3 months in Cape Town requires planning that I can’t expect my wife to complete alone. That’s bad husband stuff. 

I’ll have to eat less. Adjust my exercise. I can’t hike regularly in CT. Too dangerous there to be out alone on the trails. I’ll find a way. Maybe join a club. Go on the weekends up Table Mountain when lots of people are out. I’ll make this work. 

It’s the “working toward a goal” part that will be tough. I’ll have a better look at that. There must be a good goal for me there. My PT person there, Kim, will help me. Now there’s a good thought. 

2 more sleeps. 3 more hikes. A Section finished. I will adjust. 

I’ll start with Sunday at the Masters. Good idea, right Bets?

2 thoughts on “Two More Sleeps

  1. Sunday at the Masters is always a good idea in my book, but not very efficient for burning calories. Perhaps the CT goals are more about giving. Take all of the AT positive energy you have built up and blow it out on the children of CT. 🛫♥️

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