Day One – Finishing PA! Dead Woman’s Hollow to Pine Grove Furnace S.P. 1094.9 to 1102.8

It was a perfect day. Maybe 48 degrees to start with lots of sunshine. At the first hill I started shedding layers.  Just my Mountain Hardwear base layer for the rest of the day. I took my time, slack packed, and my L4-L5 problem was not a problem! Very happy this makes me. I don’t want back issues! My sciatic nerve pain was really slight, then gone. Yay. 

Junker picked me up and dropped me off. 
Really a great guy. He told me AT stories and facts during the entire ride. Finally found out about Dead Woman’s Hollow! He calls it “Holler.” Of course. 

Two woman were shot during a domestic incident in a house just above the Hollow. One died at the scene and the other dragged herself, wounded, through the woods down into the Hollow, were she was later found dead. Hence, “Dead Woman’s Hollow.” Gruesome story. 

I took off up the Trail. Took only a few photos and reached Tom’s Run Shelter. 

Then, the Halfway Point!

This halfway point has moved many times as the Trail changed course over the years. Junker say it’s always the Georgia side that gets shorter and the Maine side longer. 

I was walking along the south side of the ridge. Suddenly, everything was green! 

And the flowers were up!

Lots of flowers! 
And the Skunk Cabbage!

Iron Workers Mansion… 

Now a hiker hostel.  

And then…

I arrived at Pine Grove Furnace State Park!!!

That’s the AT museum under renovations. 

The general store is the home of the “Half Gallon Challenge.” Hungry hikes stop here for a half gallons of their favorite flavor, and try and eat it all in one sitting. No problem. 

And the Pine Grove Furnace. Used for smelting iron. 

I set up camp and cooked dinner! 

Ahh…  Goldfish, Pork Chops, and a good book. What else does a man need? Life is good. 

My friend Scott arrived with his daughter’s hammock for the night! I heard him moving around during the night. Thought it was s best! 

Looked out of my tent and he was bedded down in the back of his old Mazda pickup! Smart man. 

More Scott stuff later… on to Day 2…

2 thoughts on “Day One – Finishing PA! Dead Woman’s Hollow to Pine Grove Furnace S.P. 1094.9 to 1102.8

  1. Did the green arrive because you moved to a lower elevation or the land had a stronger southern exposure?
    I would have sauerkraut with my pork chop long before gold fish.

    Liked by 1 person

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