Day Two – Finishing PA -Pine Grove SP to Sheet Iron Roof Road 1102.8 to 1113.2

Spring is really springing now as we leave the park. One day I’ll be here when this famous store is actually open! Maybe not.  I’m such a winter hiker. Tick fear. None to be seen  yet. Whew! 

We were up early. I’m always up early. I grabbed a leftover pork chop, cut it up, and mixed it in with some instant mashed potatoes. There is no “breakfast food” when I’m out here. It’s pretty much all just food. I actually love dinner for breakfast! 

Scott and I only took a few photos during the walk. Many of the flower shots in the last post were taken today. 

There were lots of Red Bud trees. 

And I’m still fascinated by rocks. Always fascinated by rocks. 

This one , about 3 feet across, had that pink/white marble running through. Photo does it no justice. So much white marble from here to Harper’s Ferry. 

See that tree daring to be different? Love stuff like that. Take that, boring White Pines!

Scott likes me up front so he can just walk and not look for blazes. Me, I’m a  blaze finder. I feel safe with every White Blaze I see. Just realized this… I get a little “lift” with each one. I wonder if other hikers have that same experience???

It rained lightly off and on. I love this shell. Cabela’s. Super light and dry. Green seems to be a strong hiker color for me. Bright green. My shoulders are shrugging as I write this. 

Just damp lovely woods and back to Scott’s truck. 

This was the middle of my 2nd day, short and relaxing, hike to Boiling Springs. We went about 10. 

I can’t believe that 10 miles is a relaxing walk now for me.  

On to Day 3! The day I finish the Section of the AT fro New York to Harper’s Ferry, WV. 

I’m a little sadder than I am excited about this. I have to stop hiking now and get ready for our 3 month stay in Cape Town. 

It will be great to see family. It’s been 2 years since my last visit. Thyroid surgery to remove Cancer kept me in the States last year.  Landi went without me. 

I need to write more about this SA vs USA subject in the future. On to Day 3. 

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