Here is Namibia’s flag. I’m not surprised to see the sun boldly displayed.

There is plenty of sun. It feels like Arizona to me a bit. You can schedule a braai two weeks from now and pretty much know it will be a good day. I like the lack of disappointment that good weather brings.

I’m one of those optimistic ones who gets his hopes up; sometimes too much. 

Swakopmund would be the place I would settle, if we were to start a life here. I don’t think that will happen, but who knows?

I’m South Africa I don’t feel safe like I used to. It feels different here, plus there is so much SPACE. 

I just read that there is a significant Cheetah population here. My favorite of the big cats.  I would like to get involved in the protection of these majestic creatures. I’ve been to a few Cheetah sanctuaries, where they rescue and attempt to breed them. There are not enough Cheetah to keep the gene pool fresh. Upsetting that is.

Back to the point. I feel safer on my own here. THAT is a top priority for me. I need the freedom to explore with or without others. 

I could explore this country safely, and there’s much to explore!

Here’s how:


That way Yolande will come. 

I’m imagining 4 months hiking the Appalachian Trail in America and 3 months visiting family and exploring Namibia in Africa. That leaves 5 months of all the other stuff we love. New York. Philadelphia. Sandy Hook. New Paltz. Pecks Pond. Visiting my daughters. Doing nothing. 

That is a good plan. 

Back to Namibia:

1. I really like the people here. 

2.There seems to be more respect for the different cultures here. 

3. We have family here now. They are really something.

4. This is where Yolande’s biological dad grew up. 

5. Swakopmund would be the perfect spot from which to explore.

6. I’m enthralled with the desert.

7. The Okavango Delta is here. (Tons of wild life)

8. We could drive safely to the destinations we would like to see. 

9. Family here like in Cape Town.  (I know I said that already. It’s a big deal!)

10. The ocean, boasting one of the longest lefts in the world!!! (I’m a Goofy Foot surfer.)

Donkey’s (A.K.A. Skeleton) Bay!

Great “Lefts” are not that plentiful in the world. (I still think I can surf) A man can dream, right?

So. This is it for me. The place I want to go now in Africa. I’m pretty sure Yolande is on board. As long as I keep here safe from the snakes. She is worse than Indiana Jones, when it comes to snakes. SNAKE SAFETY is her number one priority in life I think

 Me, I like the critters. 

We leave tomorrow at 0640 for Windhoek and the flight back to Cape Town. I could stay here longer.

Many thanks to our family here: visit to the farm, too much food 😊, the flat in Swakop, lifts EVERYWHERE. 

THANK YOU ALL. This visit has been wonderful. Start to finish.

We are having lunch at the golf club today with Almuth and Cliff, one of the few places there will be electricity. Electricity will be conserved in Swalopmumd today. No one is upset. 

There is a sense that we are all in this together here. 

I like that, too. 

Thank you so much again to all our Namibian family. You have ALL been amazing.  See you next year.


Oh, I forgot. There’s ICE CREAM here, too!!

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