Finally, I Hike!

I went through my checklist. Weather, check. Footwear, check. Back, check. Poles, check. I.D., check. Phone, check. Go! 

I REALLY needed this hike. It was only off the streets for a short stretch, (It’s just not safe to be in the bush on my own) but it felt GREAT! 

I’ve been reading AT blogs for a couple of days. It charged me up.  I need to keep my legs fit.  They may never be thru HIKER fit, but they must be section HIKER fit. I’m too OLD to not maintain my fitness! 

It is way too easy to get lazy.

Today was great! Here’s what it looked like…

Stumbled upon this old stone cottage. 

Below is a Muslim grave called a  Kramat. Usually left as a sign of great respect, for a spiritual leader or noble person. After death, they were named as Saints. People go to these sites to pray. They are all over the mountains here. Many of these memorialized people were brought here as slaves. 

I’m very lucky to have had the cultural experience of living in South Africa. Very different here. Very.

Eye opening. 


3 thoughts on “Finally, I Hike!

  1. Lazy, ha, you must be thinking of me. I should be heading up to Hawk mountain or conditioning on the RR track.
    Great inspiration Douger, keep it up!

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