The Cape Hike #1

I really needed this. Thanks to my cousin, DeVilliers, I got my backside out on a trail! 

First we just took a tour around the reserve and stopped where the shops and restaurant are located. The view from there is spectacular! When you look up the west coast of False Bay, it feels like you are the first person on earth to have this view. 

We drove around for a while trying to find a the right hiking trail. It was very windy, so we wanted something a little protected. 

This one was marked well and looked like it wasn’t too far to the top. Ha. The ridges just kept coming. It was terrain like I had never seen before. Wind and rain battered. 

Dragon or duck?

We worked our way to the top. That’s Cape Hangklip in the distant background! All the way on the other side of False Bay. 

Down was easy and fast. Chilly wind in our faces felt great! 

If you look really closely, you can see a white car and my blue Festiva way, way down there. 

I’ll get back here as soon as I can. I feel safe here in the park. I have needed a place like this. Somewhere to be alone in the wild. Everything in me recharges in that environment. 

If you come here, there is a R140 entry fee for adults. No pentioners discount! 


4 thoughts on “The Cape Hike #1

  1. Beautiful stuff Doug! Really envious of the hiking terrain and the temperatures. Back in PA we are experiencing lower 90’s and high dew points. I’m sure there is plenty of accessible water up on the ridge line of the Appalachian Trail . Your bald Cypress sapling is as tall as my chest now, having added about 12″ of new growth so far this year.
    I’ll put a wire cage around it soon so the deer don’t rake it this fall.
    Keep the faith,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yippee!!! Thank you my friend! I have thought about my tree often. I was so paranoid about the ticks that I didn’t even check it this Spring! They don’t cross their fingers or knock on wood here. They “hold thumbs” and “touch wood!” 😊 See you in August!


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