Getting Ready for The State of New York! 342.4 to 433 of 2188.5 miles

I’ve walked 342.4 miles of the Appalachian Trail. I’ve done four days on the Trail, but I’ve yet to come off the Trail for supplies, and gone back to continue to hike. 

I’m going to hike all of the state of New York in one go. Ten days on the Trail. My first re-supply hike, as soon as the tick season winds down. Early October, I reckon. 

I have had the hike planned since May!
We’ve been in Cape Town touring and visiting with family for the last four months, so my hiking was on hold. 

I’m eager to get back out there. 

I’m hoping to meet Yolande after 5 days. Maybe a room for the night. Then re-supply and finish New York. 

I have a friend who just did about 70 of the stretch I’m going to. She loved it. Said there were a couple of nice swimming spots. In October, it may not be swimming weather! 

I would like to go now, but I’m not a warm weather hiker. Ticks. You’ve heard me speak of ticks a lot, right? I had Lyme Disease. It wasn’t fun. I prefer the cold to the sickness. 

I pretty much hiked all last winter. 

This was just as I was entering High Point State Park in NJ. What a beautiful Winter day that was!

Ice on the trees. That’s the war memorial at High Point, in the distance. It’s placed at the highest elevation in NJ. 

I love it out in the snow!

Back to the point. I need the ticks to be hiding. They don’t like the cold, but they do live through the winter. 

I’m having real trouble waiting. I’ve really gotten out of the flow of my hike. Lost that so needed momentum. I’m pretty sure a break like this kills it in people. Not me, but I’ll be pressing to get it back. Momentum is is one of the key elements, in this great life I have. 

I also have to solve some health concerns. In a week, I’m being assessed. Back is bothering me. Not my back but the Sciatic nerve is agitated. L4 and L5 trouble again. Every morning I hurt. All down my leg on the path of the Sciatic nerve. Right to my numb big toe. It’s better once I’m up and moving. 

I’m looking forward to the assessment, so I can hear how to get started, going forward from here. I’m surrendering to a professional. 

I have to hike. 

I have to hike NY. My plan is to finish New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts before Christmas. 

I’m so ready. Time to contact my hiking buddies! 

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