I Need to Hike NOW!

* This post was sitting in my Draft folder! I edited a little and here…
I have plenty if special shoes. Plenty of everything necessary for the Trail. Plenty of gumption. Gumption, good word that. 

I’ve been to the back doc. He gave me nerve pain medication. It sort of works. Makes me sleep better which is good.  That, and my ibuprofen and Tylenol cocktail pretty much takes the pain away. So, I’m going to give it a go. 

I can’t just walk with a my pack. I can’t just camp. I have to walk and camp. I have to walk and camp on the Appalachian Trail. Anywhere else us just wasting my time. 

When you walk and camp and cover distance toward a goal, anything else is like reading a bad book. Time spent with a good book is worthwhile. Time spent on a bad book is time lost. I don’t do lost time. 

I don’t do stupid arguments. I do pretty much nothing social. I’m 66. There is not enough time left, and I have a lot to do! I’m at 342 and need to go to 2192. 

I also need to feel tiny again. To gain humility on the Trail. It is way bigger and more important than I am. I really need the AT connection. I need the community. I need the fresh air. Mountain tops. Rocks. Ferns. Rhododendron.  Bears. Yes, I even need my bear fear back. I need to feel alive again. Fear makes me better. 

I want to be them. Them hikers. The weird ones. My pharmacist calls them “Granola People.” She’s a mountain biker. Very different from an AT hiker. She would drive 6 hours to ride a trail with her friends and go out to lunch. She’s sort of like a day hiker. NOT a Thru or Section hiker.  We stay in for lunch. Dinner and breakfast, too. 

I’m a Section hiker. I carry all the gear, hike overnight for a short period of time, and go home. I never get my hiking legs. I just start to get fit and go home. I visit the Trail, then I go home and obsess about my next hike. It is on my mind all the time. Really. All the time, until I get back on the Trail. 

My last hike was in April. 4 months ago. 

See why Im crazy? 

I’m going to treat all my clothing and gear with permethrin. It kills ticks on contact. Then, lather up with bug dope, and go. GO. 

Can’t let the ticks keep me away anymore. I’ll risk it. I’ll be as prepared as I can be and go. 

Just one night. I’ll be a hiker again. I’ll lose this fog I’m in. I’ll be OK. Better than OK. I be home. 


It worked! I’m back now after 5 days in the Trail. 2 with John P. and 2 with John M. 

I’m better now. Tired and better. 

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