Never Take the East Way!

I took the “easy way” blue trail around the climb, after the Lemon Squeezer. I was so tired. So tired. It was over 90 degrees, and I had already gotten lost and added two miles to my, already challenging day. 

There it is. See that devilish little blue sign on the left? It says “easy way” with an arrow pointing left. Translated in my head, as any way but UP THOSE ROCKS! 

I had been climbing up and over ROCKS all day. My brain said, “Don’t do it Doug. If you skip those white blazes, you will regret it!” My legs said, “Eff-it! Go left!” 

I went left. 

I’m an AT purist. I do the WHOLE trail. I miss no part. I should have known that taking that seductive blue piece of trail and going around instead of up, would not sit well in my psyche. It didn’t. 

So I was back to fix my mistake. Should have know better. 

That last rock to my right with the white blaze looks easy enough, right? Wrong. 

Straight up with very little to hold on to. I took my pack off and made it on the fourth try! No. I didn’t fall three times. I just couldn’t figure it out!

I’m not a practiced scrambler. 

Up and over I went, and THEN, back the easy way.  

Ahhh. Now I can sleep again. 

🔨🔨 out. 

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