15 pounds down!

I can eat all I want of this stuff:

Mostly, I eat carrots and tomatoes. Asparagus at dinner.

It’s working!

I’m 15 pounds down.

That’s almost like not carrying 7 liters of water!

My pack fully loaded is around 31 lbs. I am planning to lose 30. Essentially, what I am saying is,

I will be carrying a 1 pound pack.

This will solve a couple of problems. My clothes will fit better. My back will be happier. My plantar fasciitis will be GONE.

Marsha at Apex Physical Therapy is fixing me. I am walking normally for the first time since 2016.

Yes. This is the new me. The me that will finish the Appalachian Trail. I’m thinking positively.

On a negative note. Another squamous cell cancer removed. I took off the bandage this morning and freaked out! That is a big incision!

Then, just after I came out of the surgeon’s office, the nurse told me that both the biopsies sent out came back positive. Two more surgeries. One right next to my eye:

See that little dot? How are they going to work there???

Then one on my nose on the other side. Zotz!

Zotz! Now there’s a blast from the past! 1962 Film with Tom Poston and Jim Backus.

My mind, as usual is all over the place.

I’m camping and hiking a little with a full pack this Saturday. First time in months. I will be trying out my new foot.

Saturday came and went. I had a BALL! Can you tell?

My Achilles bothered me after about an hour and a half on the light trail.

Back to PT today.

One day at a time.

15 pounds down.

Just Doug

2 thoughts on “15 pounds down!

  1. What type of doc did the big scar and are they stitches or glue holding the incision? Will you have a Mohs Surgeon or a plastic surgeon do the one near your eye? I’m a curious little devil, aren’t I? Just looking out for that cute little face!

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