Compton Gap to Doyle’s River Trailhead

That would be Mary’s Rock Summit! My first stop after leaving Compton Gap on my way to finish the Shenandoah National Park.

I didn’t finish, but it was a total success! It was my first hike past 5 days, which meant a resupply would be necessary and a shower mandatory. Five Days is my wet wipe max.

There were many other firsts.

First flooded out tent! One night we got a record, 6 inch rainfall. Imagine that! Everyone’s tent leaked.

First hike over a mountaintop, in a electrical storm downpour! (Guess it wasn’t my time to go!)

First latte on the trail! Skyland!

First nap on the Trail!

First multiple Black Bear Hike. Total 7 Bears!

First medical crisis! My thyroid tablets disintegrated in the moisture on the flood night! Thank you to a Dr. friend for delivering fresh Levothyroxin to me!

First walk with multiple FANTASTIC views!

This was early in the first day. I had no idea what was coming!

And finally on the last day after the stormy hike…

I have not experienced this kind of scenic beauty anywhere from the Mass border to this park. Sorry all you Mid Atlantic States. You have some fantastic scenic beauty, but not in such a short span.

I know that the temperature loses about 2 degrees Centigrade per 1000 feet of climbing. This hike hovered between about 1500 ft and 3500 ft. That would be 4 degrees C or 7.2 degrees F in temperature drop. Add the wind up there, blowing on a sweaty 67 year old, and it gets chilly!!! Feels amazing!

The last first, would be my 10 days away. It was not easy to be away from Landi for that long. We talked almost everyday, but still. 10 days is a lot.

I’m sore today. Some of the pain is in my hip, but mostly it’s in my right leg, from the stress I put on my L4-L5 region. I will be ok. Back to the inversion table and my stretches!


Just a few more shots.



Vincent, the logger biker from Brazil!


And Cosmic and Silver Bullitt!

Plus: Mission Dan, Oklahoma, Kudzu, Freight Train, Tom Brady, ( uncanny resemblance), Knees, and a bunch of names I forgot!

Oh… Spot! Attempted the AT, 9 times! Completed it 4! This was his 10th attempt at age 67, like me!!! Imagine!

Big thank you to my friend Scott and his Brother-in-Law, Dave, for moving my car and finding me on the trail, to give me the car key.

And THANKS for carrying my pack for a mile, Sherpa! (Scott’s Trail Name)

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