Classic Doug Gray.

So, I bought this bike, right? No, not THIS bike, but a brand new one of lesser quality.

I do this way too much.

I try to spend less money and buy an inferior product, thinking I will be OK settling. Settling is not my thing. EVER!

The above bike is the one I ended up with. For once, it was a happy ending.

So, I’m sitting outside my Pilates class waiting for it to begin, when a guy rolls up on his bike. I walk over and introduce myself. We chat a bit and I say, “Nice bike.” He explains to me that it’s just an entry level mountain bike, but better than one he was going buy. A friend said to him to get the better bike now. Don’t buy a project bike, expecting to upgrade it later.

That was exactly what I had done two days prior. Bought a cheap bike with a good frame, telling myself that next year when I come back to Cape Town, I’ll have “fun” upgrading the components.

I think God or the Universe, if you like, sent this guy to speak to me.

I decided to take mine back to the shop where I purchased it, tell them I wasn’t happy, and trade it for a better one, hoping that they would give me the full price on the trade.

Oops. They run a business. My bike was now used. AND, like the dope I am, I had already cut the handlebars off by an inch on each side, in the start of my “upgrade.”

Now this is where it gets good.

The woman from this Bellville bike shop, where I bought a bike 11 years ago was there! Her brother’s house had burned down and she was just covering for him.

She sees me, gets this big smile on her face, walks over, and hugs me! “Doug, I’m 10 years sober!”

Holy, Moly. I didn’t recognize her. She looked 20 years younger! Her eyes were so blue. She had a tan from working outside for a landscaping company.

11 years ago, I told her my AA story. We talked about alcoholism. I had no idea that she was a drinker! She was. Now she isn’t. Unbelievable.

She must have heard the message, all those years ago. The AA message. I didn’t even know I was delivering it! How cool is that.

Now, back to the bike.

She says that she can’t work a trade. Her brother is the one I need to talk to. I ask her if I can just look around a bit; I will comeback when he’s there. We look around and there is nothing that I am interested in. Then.. I look out the window, to the used bikes they have out front. I spy an XL GT Outpost.

She says, “That would fit you, but it’s not new.”

It’s not new, but it’s a way better bike than the one I purchased! I ask her if she thinks her brother might trade me for that one. She says, “Let’s ask him.” an even trade I tell her.

She calls her brother, talks a bit, looks at me, smiles, and gives me the thumbs up!

AWESOME. And I don’t use that word lightly.

I got a way better bike without spending any more money.

Just to recap:

I realize I hate my new bike.

A guy rides up and shows me what I should have done.

I go back to the shop.

The owner’s sister, whom I know from 11 years ago is there.

Sober now.

A GT Outpost is standing there waiting for me.

I get an even swop for a better bike.

Now, do you really think I could have orchestrated this whole thing?

I don’t think so.

Things are SO… falling into place for me.

I was having such a hard time here. Fearful, because of the gun incident. Anxious about the sale of our house.

Now, I have 2 weeks left here exactly. Time have some fun.

Thank you. 😊

All In

4 thoughts on “Classic Doug Gray.

  1. I believe in the universe of kindness. I believe that what you give comes back in ways yet to be known. I believe there are times when it comes back without it being recognized and that’s okay. I believe it comes back in ways so loud that it cannot be ignored. Saying “thank you” in any voice will echo also. Kindness and gratitude.

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