My Tidy Life

Sometimes you just need to finish things. Coming in first doesn’t matter any more. Just finishing.

In my life, while not even realizing it, I left many things unfinished. Back then it seemed like “just getting on with it” was my internal mantra. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

That’s all gone now. Now I just want to clean up the past and finish what I start. I’ve turned into my dad.

Today, I am headed back to Virginia. To “Ledges,” by way of “Spy Rock.”

That is Ledges. The place where I turned around and went back to my car last week. Tomorrow morning I will park my car on Fish Hatchery Road near Montebello,VA, and hike a mile up to the AT at “Spy Rock,” where I will head NOBO to “Ledges.” I intend to stay at “The Priest” Shelter for the night and then back to Spy Rock and down to my car.

That will give me a clean spot to start again heading South.

I’m only going to hike about 10 miles. Seems like a lot of driving for 10 miles, right? It is.

But, I will have a clear starting point for next week’s hike. A fresh start.

The AT has taught me many things. This week it is teaching me patience. I have some medical tests to do on Thursday. I will get some answers to the physical problems I have been having. Finishing this small section puts my mind at rest.

The CT-MASS border is my endpoint north. Spy Rock will be my endpoint south. Every inch of the Appalachian Trail between those two spots, I have walked. About 697 miles.

After my tests on Thursday, hopefully, I will come back and pass 700 miles. I’m coming back to a nice tight package. No unfinished business.

That is who I am now. No unfinished business.

Today, Easter Morning, I am looking forward to church. Me, looking forward to church. I will go to The Journey with Kelly and two of her tennis team players. The Journey is where my new Faith began. Seems right to be there on Easter.

Back to the point. My life is tidy today, just like the Trail. I have no unfinished business. I constantly watch my life and make sure I do the Right things. When I don’t, I get up the next day and get busy tidying up.

I used to be a drinker. I am still and always will be an alcoholic. We alcoholics, NEVER have a tidy past. We NEVER look closely at our lives. Too painful.

The number one most important thing in my life today, is that I don’t drink. EVERYTHING good in my life, comes from the fact that I don’t drink.

So many of these morning writings end this way. I go back to my past, have a look, and get Grateful. I’m not there anymore.

I have God, AA, and all my family and friends to thank for that.

So I will go to church today, after I go to half an AA Meeting, and I will give thanks in both of those places. Then I will thank Kelly and some new friends. I have friends today. I make new friends today. I’m not alone anymore.

I have a tidy life.

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