North or South?

Just a couple of random photos. Top one from Massachusetts, bottom from Virginia.

After I hike in VA, I’m sure I want to go back and hike there next. After I hike in MA, I’m sure I want to go back there next. 4 hours north. 7 hours south. 20 degrees difference in daytime temperature. 15 in night. Bugs gone mostly in both directions. Ticks all year, by the way. I never assume there will be no ticks.

So, what do I do?

I think I will finish VA. I think I can be in Damascus at the border, by the end November.

I have friends in both directions! Laura and Heather up north. Sharkey and Megaphone down south. I have never really wanted to connect with anyone that I have met in the trail before. Jennie and I met Sharkey and Megaphone on our second hike together. They are such nice people. I met Laura and Heather on my last MA hike. Both are really nice people as well. I hope I get to hike a bit with all 4 sometime in the future. I will let them know when I’m coming.

I am also secretly hoping Jennie will join me again. Not to mention…John, Scott, Gates, Frank, and Mike. Assorted other hikers I know from PA.

It’s hard for any of my PA friends to commit to such a long drive, at least 5 days on the trail, and a long drive home. It’s pretty grueling.

I don’t like to be away from Landi for more than a week.

I am a little afraid to go, EVERY time I go. Maybe its excitement as well. A combination of the two I guess.

I have a Garmin satellite device now. An “In Reach Mini.” No matter what, I can check in and get help if I need it. Important, because I spend so much time solo hiking.

Healthy fear is a good thing.

I feel that same fear/excitement when I surf in South Africa. Away from the water, I think about sharks. At the beach, the fear leaves me. Away from the Trail, I think about injury, ticks, and bears. On the trail I’m pretty fearless. Smart fearless. Fatigue is my only real danger.

I get stupid when I get tired.

10 miles. 10 a day is enough for a 68 year old Section Hiker.

South. I’m going South. It’s more down hill, right?

Guess I will contact all my friends and let them know where I will be. Maybe I won’t be hiking alone?

😊 All In

9 thoughts on “North or South?

  1. North you get beautiful follage and not to cold up there now then go south Nov, Dec. But you’re the boss go with heart and gutt. When you’re back home let’s have coffee and rapp. Or hit Hawk mountain. Still got your “AT” shirt. And or let’s catch Temple ball game.

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  2. South is probably better in the winter months, anyway. Let me know when you’re going! I don’t know if I can slip away, but maybe! It’d be great to hike with you and/or a bunch of other people, lol.

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