Completing miles 696.1 to 1522.8

Virginia has lizards!!!

I started at VA Rt.120, Also known as the Trout Creek Bridge. I needed to go the Dragon’s Tooth, then past the Boy Scout Trail and continue to the Four Pines Hostel for the night.

Nature Boy would then take me to pick up my car and in the morning, shuttle me north to VA Rt.311 at the MacAfee Knob trail head. From there I will walk SOBO back to Four Pines for a second night.

Oops. Plan change. After finishing my Rt 311 to 4 Pines hike, I took an injured Thru hiker home to Front Royal then decided to stay in Daleville instead of coming back to 4 Pines. It made getting to Liberty University easier.

My hiking total now is 826.7.

It’s 0302. The middle of the night. Can’t sleep.

Life is so good.

I will write about the two days hiking another time. I need to say that my day spent yesterday at Liberty University was inspiring.

Watching Kelly’s Delaware Womens Tennis was a blast. They play the way a team should play. This is my third year following this tennis team. I love these matches.

Each year has been better than the last. This young team is going places. Kelly is molding them into a winning unit. The Delaware Tennis attitude has changed. I didn’t think tennis could be a team sport. It can.

What a difference she has made. Very cool.

Then I came back to Daleville and had dinner with “Special Ed.” I will write about that.

Then, I will write about my ride to Front Royal with “Nails.”

Sometimes I just get JAZZED in the middle of the night!

Tomorrow more tennis. Yay!

Back to sleep.

All In.

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