2 days left.

We’re flying home on Monday. I am wondering what home will be like?

Here it is quiet streets, empty shelves, and frightened elderly.

I think here in South Africa, we have the afraid and the denial groups. I see pretty much no elderly on the streets while, a very popular beach, Clifton, is filled with young people.

I’m turning 70 this year. A bad year to be getting older. I remember thinking, when I got my Medicare Card, that I was not middle aged anymore. 65 doubled being 130. Probably not going to last that long.

I wonder about the Trail.

It is truly my life goal to finish. I’m hoping Jennie will help me. It feels more urgent now. The future is less certain, I guess.

We are all guessing now. Asking questions about the future. Stocks falling. Politicians scrambling. Medical professionals way overworked. Thank you so much by the way. What would we do without you?

Trump is finally working hard. He wants to get reelected at all costs. That means a happy America. He is finally almost listening to the scientists and medical professionals. His bravado makes me sick. What a leader. The worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. Leaders lead by example. They EARN respect. He tries to sell it. Sickening.

Anyway. 2 more days here, if our flight goes. Fingers crossed. Holding thumbs.

Prayer and meditation and long swims and walks keeping me sane. Hang in there all.

All In (A.I.)

4 thoughts on “2 days left.

  1. Hope all goes well for you guys flying home. You guys are in my thoughts. Read up on all blogs and videos regarding this mess. There’s some good info. You’ll know which ones are good. Hope you get to the trail. Been thinking its probably safer there. Keep in touch. Chris

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