What’s to do?

I can’t just do. I have to do toward a goal. Doing for the sake of doing doesn’t work for me.

I did that for 9 years. Retired and goal-less. I was sure I could occupy myself. I enjoy so many things. Painting. Walking. Cycling. Surfing. Golf. SUP. Kayaking. Fishing. Guitar. Piano. Woodworking. Reading. Writing.

What I didn’t realize is that I thrive on competition. It’s essential for my happiness. Fulfillment comes for me when I obtain a goal. Win. Finish. Fix. All falling under the heading of competition. I have to compete.

Against a clock. Against the weather. Against the pain. Against people I don’t like. Against myself. Oh yes. Against myself. That may be the most rewarding. Add a goal and let me compete against myself at it and I’m the kid in the candy shop.

Not exactly. I don’t enjoy it. Do you know what Type 2 fun is? It’s the kind of fun you have when the best part is when it’s over!

I hike. I’m hiking the Appalachian Trail. It gives me anxiety every time I plan a hike. It gives me euphoria every time I finish a hike.

I’m starting up again on Saturday. 4 days on the trail in Massachusetts. Low miles. I will pass 900 total, though. That will be big Type 2 fun.

Another draft. Guess I was finished with this one, too. I cancelled that trip in and earlier blog. Back to the future.

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