VA Day 2: Ugh.


Otzi our host at Garden Mountain Hostel, had a bad day. Therefore, I too had a bad start to my day.

The night before, everything was ok. He was gracious, I met Tuna and Minnow from PA. (Pennsylvania was all over this trip, BTW.) I stayed up too late chatting with the three of them and another quiet, nice couple, who also worked there.

That meant I was headed for back to back bad sleeps.

I woke up to dew. Big dew. All parts of my tent soaked, except the interior. Grateful for that.

I rolled out to a stunning sunrise and misty morning.

I was tired and cranky, but it was still beautiful out there. Earlier was like this:

The earth was shouting at me to wake up and have a good day. I was having none of it!

Breakfast was delicious; Otzi can really cook. (I’m still working on how to use a semi-colon.) (and should there be a period before the second one?) ( or a capital to start?) Help Bets!

Next was shuttle to the trail, 4 miles away. Off went Tuna and Minnow, next was me. Their ride in the mature pick up was fine, mine encountered alternator problems about 20 minutes into a 45 minute trip. Around we turned.

Car number 2 was looking iffy to me, so I suggested we take my Rav. “Up to you,” said my host. Off went the three of us, in my Toyota.

So. Breakfast was at 7. The Fish were on the trail by 8:45. It was 11 when I started SOBO at VA Rt 611.

Truthfully, I like to finish by 11.

It was hot. I was crankier. I had only about 6.2 to hike, but my hip started talking to my leg at about 4 miles. When I reached the shelter, there was a loud conversation in full swing down my lower right side. The hip has learned how to upset everything below it now.

Off came my pack. Out came my puffy for a pillow. I stretched out on the picnic table bench, to try and quiet things down. Out cold I went.

I wake to some commotion passing by the other side of the table. She is too busy to be passing by a sleeping cranky old man. Her guy companion is planted. Samantha has filled the room.

You’ve met people like that, right? There presence is large. Tall, strong, dancer slim and LARGE! Samantha’s large was positive. Like, angel positive.

Samantha and JP

I had no choice but to be happy! Samantha was having none of my cranky.

The hiking questions and her energy pummeled me! It was so fun. I’m such a self centered person. I love a good interview. “How far have you gone? How long is your trip? Where are you from? Are you a thru hiker? What’s a thru hiker? (I made up that question) How heavy is your pack?”

It was really fun. My day had totally turned around. JP was her perfect companion. A solid platform for this amazing personality. They were such a cool couple.

“Here,” she said, “Try this on your hip.” (She now knew my whole life story, past, present, and future.)

Deep Blue was squirted into my right palm. I didn’t know what to do. My pants had to come down to do something with the goo. I said as much, and the two of them wisked themselves away.

I just sat there very still for a minute. What had just happened? They were gone and I felt the vacuum created by their exit! I wanted to follow them!!!

I pulled down my shorts and rubbed in the Deep Blue. Later that day, Vagabond (another new friend) and I discussed how we didn’t think a topical cream could do any good, but it did do some good! Or was it Samantha? Who cares.

I thought, honestly, that maybe it was all a dream. My down and out, turned to get up and let’s go! I think that’s what it’s like being visited by an angel!

Oh yeah. Someplace in that visit we exchanged contact information. Just an hour or so later, photos and inspiration came at me from my phone, with that same energy!

I was not allowed to have a bad day.

I think she said she was a lawyer and a dancer and a college runner, too.

Here endeth the lesson for today. Life is too short for cranky.

Day 2 part one.


6 thoughts on “VA Day 2: Ugh.

  1. Such an amazing friend and God works in mysterious ways to have connections and paths cross. Hope you are hiking and doing well my friend. Blessings and I wish you well. Love to hear more about your recent adventures. Loved meeting you on the Appalachian trail that day in VA. Please keep in touch and message or email me when able. Blessings love my friend, Samantha

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  2. I love your hiking stories. Even when your day for what ever reason, is off you find inspiration on the trail. And the friends you make seem to be part of the celestial space of trail hiking. I’ve been on bike rides and recent walk on Tow Path along Del River really enjoyed it. Being out in nature is the best. I really believe this pandemic is inspiring new ways of living for some people if not completely maybe how they live, food they eat and or getting out in nature. I thing some people also take it for granted that their is a miracle and give back. Ok hope you and I can get together just talk. Love ur life, Chris.

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