Gren Anderson!

That’s me at Gren Anderson Shelter. I’m just out for a few days to keep my wits about me, as my hip replacement surgery ticks it’s way closer. August 6th is H-Day.

Last night after only a one and a half mile hike, I set up camp. It looked stormy, so I hurried. No rain.

I was filtering some water and down the hill came Crazy Quilt, Pollyanna, and Blue Jay.

Crazy Quilt, Pollyanna, and Blue Jay

I was torn between wanting the peace and quiet of the whole shelter to myself and the joy that usually comes at a hiker dinner.

I’m so glad I got to have dinner with these three! There are stages to these dinners. At first we traded trail names and what we were having for dinner. AT small talk. Not like small talk at a party I don’t want to be attending, comfortable small talk.

For me, there is no better meal anywhere, anytime, like these dinners.

We all did something good for ourselves. We all are in the moment. We are all, what I like to call, “good tired.” Plus, we have had a day among trees. Trees lift the spirit. I’m convinced if it!

I often tell my friends at home that I am my “best self” on the trail. I wonder who else up here feels that way?

Then the fun started. Stories. Trail stories. Family stories. Tent stories. Animal stories. Terrible, painful stories about tough events on our journeys.

It’s like we are all survivors of the same shipwreck. All of us. There is a love of life in these evenings. I love it. It is what brings me back.

Pollyanna has been all over the world helping others. She is on the home stretch on the trail. It’s been a struggle, but she will finish! Soon.

Blue Jay is a Thruhiker. Doing it all in one go. He will finish, too. I can tell he is a steady nice guy. A good listener with an open mind. We all love those types.

Crazy Quilt told me she was an Engineer. I said I thought she had that demeanor, like my friend John the Chemical Engineer. She is filming her hike. 450 miles finished. She will finish, too. I can just tell. Crazy does a video each day. I do admire people like that. Like I said, she will finish and have a crafted series of films to remember it all by. Cool.

They were all a bit younger than me. I am so ok with that. I’m actually excited for the three of them. I will follow their journey.

I’ll try and find the link to CQ’s videos and put it here.

(AT 2020 Flip Flop BjCzyz on YouTube)

So this morning I told them my All-In story. Twice! CQ filmed me. I was nervous but it will be ok. Everything is ok out here.

I really didn’t want them to leave. That very rarely happens in my real life. I seem to attach fast up here. It’s a good thing.

Off they went. Pollyanna said she would pray for me on the day of my surgery. She will. She meant it.

Sunrise Mountain


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