Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Right at the bottom. Amicalola Falls. Me, Jennie, and Betty

* This post has been in my draft file…

I’ve been watching trail videos for days now. It gets me excited. I’m so ready to go. My wife got home safely from South Africa and I’m amazed daily that she supports me on this….quest? Can’t think of the right word. Goal is not right. This is so much bigger than just a goal.

I’m forever planning. Constantly. Looking at Far Out (Guthook’s) new name, and breaking down sections of the trail in to daily bites.

In the middle of some research, I made a decision. I’m going to finish Georgia on April 1st, and then do the difficult sections of the trail. I’ll finish North Carolina and the little bit of Virginia later. I’m going North. May 2nd to New Hampshire.

I’m going to hike the Whites. I’ll finish New Hampshire, some Southern Maine, and Katahdin. This year. Between now and September. Then maybe finish Virginia in October.

I’m truly not sure that I will be able to hike those Northern sections in a few years. Physically. I’m not even sure that I can do it now. I think I can.

Franconia Ridge

This is what it looks like, on a nice day. And on a not so nice day…

Mt Washington

That would be Mt Washington on June 9th. Yes. June 9th. Snow, sleet, freezing rain. Some of the worst weather in the world happens up there.

I’m not taking any chances. Well, not deliberately. Every day will be a little risky, so I will have the right gear.

Mt Eisenhower

That’s my friend Kelly on a “chilly” morning in September. Chilly she says. Ha.

So, anyway. I KNOW I can do Vermont. Finish Mass and the rest in the South. So I’ll get the tough stuff done.

Oh. By the way. Ever hear about that guy in his 80s who Thru hiked the trail? One guy. There were 5 registered Thru hikers who finished the trail last year in between the ages of 65 and 75. Five.



Georgia is finished. I will go down and finish Virginia on June 6th. I intend to visit Paige on the way.

I’m in a very different mindset now. Next blog entry will explain. My WordPress friend, Solo Hiker, check him out, said that he doesn’t hike in the rain. He likes the views. I love that. Hike your own hike, right?

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