Day 2 Finishing VA Pt. 1

I couldn’t write after Day 1! I was whipped. Schnockered. It took me forever to do the last uphill mile of a 7.2 mile day. I took my pack off and just sat 3 times! My legs were done. My Spirit was almost extinguished. Almost. I was trying to push but not kill myself! Literally.


I’m not sure how far I can go anymore. I’m different. New hip. Stroke victim. I’ve worked pretty hard with Hannah, Trish, and Lindsay in PT. Retraining all the muscles around my new hip that weren’t working.

Then there us the shoulder. Rotator cuff tear. I’ve learned, mostly from Hannah, how to engage other muscles to keep my shoulder functioning.

These guys at St. Luke’s PT in Fork Township are REALLY good. I’m only out here because of what they have taught me.

Up until now, I have done most of my climbing using my Quads. Today, as I stepped up, I engaged my Glutes. I was able to hike up the hills longer before I needed to rest. Pretty amazing. That was Lindsay’s doing. She said the she and Rachel both saw that my calves and quads were quite developed, but not my gluts!!!

I told them to stop looking at my bum. 😂

Anyway. Today was a better day. 12 miles. I have 16 miles left and 3 days to do it. I may do it in 2. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

All done by volunteers!

BTW. Hannah, Dr. Hannah Stitt, is moving back home to Kentucky. I really wish she wouldn’t go, but I’m happy for her. She misses her family. She grew up on a cattle farm. Once I told her I had an Impossible Whopper. She really didn’t like that! After this hike, I’m having a real beef burger, just in her honor!

My Spirit is rising.


P. S.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 Finishing VA Pt. 1

  1. I never realized that there were so many ways to walk! Good for you, Doug. Keep on keeping on. Love, Lindy ❤️💜

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