(From the last night on VA)

I made a good decision. Instead of pushing another 2 miles, 2 miles is forever after a long day, I decided to find a good stealth site. A couple of guys I passed said it looked like some good camping about s half mile up.

I got to where I thought they meant and worked my way down the hill. After moving some branches and checking for rocks, I’m tucked in my tent for the night.

Finally, dinner tasted great tonight! It’s been so hot and I’ve been so wiped out, nothing has been appetizing. It’s really hard to eat under these conditions out here. Nothing tastes good.

Me not hungry is such a foreign feeling!

Tomorrow I will finish my first solo hike since the TIA. I hope to be at my car just after noon and as soon as I get a signal, I’ll book a room for the night. Then…

CHEESEBURGER! Hannah, my PT person grew up on a cattle farm. She is moving back to Kentucky soon, so in her honor, I’ll have my first burger since I don’t know when. Maybe a milkshake, too. No. I’ll stop with the burger. I will add fries. Oh. I can’t wait!!!!!!

First, I’ll have a hit shower and put in some clean clothes. I stink. Literally. Sometimes the best part of it all is the hot shower and real bed.

I’ll insert a photo here when I’m back on the web, WiFi in my motel room!!!

The people are the best out here, but the hiking? That’s only fun when it’s over. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stealth

  1. Good stuff . Sleep is very important I’ve been going to bed early too and stay in bed till 6/6:30 ish then turn on nfl channel and some news which is a drag anymore . Look forward to that morning coffee ☕️ 😋. Ok see you in the wind .

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