Friday Morning

That’s my backyard. It’s become a jungle in the last two weeks! There is a brick area just in front of this photo.

Lanshan 2 Pro

That is my first “Single Wall” tent. I’m testing it in the rain. It uses my trekking poles for support and weighs just under 2 lbs. Single wall tents are lighter because they have no rain fly. The Lanshan is China’s version of the Zpacks Duplex. Here’s the Duplex:

My tent is pretty much a copy of this. Difference being the tent material and quality of construction.

The Duplex is about $600. It weighs under 1 pound. The Lanshan weights just under 2 pounds. Dynema, that used to be called Cuban Fiber, is used in the Duplex construction. My Lanshan is nylon with silicon infused into the fabric. Oh, right. My Lanshan cost $190.

Approximately $400 more would have saved me a pound. Couldn’t do it… yet.

Single wall tents are plagued with condensation on the inside. Cold outside. Warm body inside. If you have a rain fly, that is where you find condensation.

In the single wall tent, the condensation, if heavy, runs down the wall and out over the “bathtub” floor. It works unless you get your sleeping bag up against it. Your bag will soak up the moisture. You are protected from that problem with a double wall.

I’m probably boring the shit out of you. That’s if you lasted this long.

I also have a Big Agnes Fly Creek 2:

So. For 4 ounces more and about $400, you get a rain fly and stay dry.

It is semi/ freestanding. It almost stands up on its own. It has only one pole across and down the back. The corners are staked out back there.

For another $150, you can get poles for the Duplex that make it freestanding. Total cost then is $750.

What does all this mean? I’m officially a hiker nerd. I love being obsessed with hiking stuff. I get equipment just because I want it, not because I need it. It’s fun, having options. I’m spoiled. No I’m not. I’m 71. If I want to have a bunch of tents, so what.

It’s that or my recliner. I choose tents.

Oh yeah. I have 5 other tents. 2 Walmart duds. A dome and a bivy. A Big Agnes Dome and 2 other 1 person tents. A Big Agnes Tiger Wall and Copper Spur.

Both 1 person tents are under 2 lbs, just about the weight of the Lanshan 2 person.

So. The Lanshan is the lightest 2 person tent I own. My old Big Agnes Dome is over 5 lbs.

I’ve dropped just over 3 lbs of weight, for a 2 person tent by getting the Lanshan 2 Pro. I like having the extra room.

Now I’m bored.

I think this was confession. This blog entry is definitely confession.

Well. It’s Friday Morning. Monday I go down, visit Paige and Steve, and finish Virginia.

I feel so much better now. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Friday Morning

  1. Thanks for the demistration. Let me when your store opens up . 😎😉 .
    Great show you really are a hiker and keep spoiling yourself . That’s why it’s called the ” golden years ” . We’ve earned it successfully, professionally , and are loved ! It’s not how much but maybe how we use it to makes a difference with us and the people in our lives. Ok I could go on but you get it . Tell Paige she’s in my thoughts as all classmate friends. Enjoy your trek be safe make history.

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  2. I use the copper spur HV2 and like the idea of staying dry. Which reminds me, I need to put on some seam sealer before I go out on the JMT. I debated on getting a lighter tent, but the convenience won me over. Hope to see your posts from Virginia. Happy Trails.

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