Influenza Shot

I’ve put this one off too long. Busy moving. As in a new residence, not my usual “just moving.”

I don’t want to get sick. I’m pretty sure that I’ve only had the flu once in my adult life. It was bad. Lifting my arm up to get a drink of water was too much effort. I was truly dead tired. I don’t remember if I had any other symptoms or not. They were not memorable.

It makes me wonder what Covid would be like for me. I haven’t had it. I know almost no one who has never had it. At least I don’t think I’ve had it. I still wear my mask mist of the time. Not always. I think I will from now on.

Brooke is ok.

This is Brooke not ill. I can’t remember why she just stretched out on the ground like that. I NEVER do that anymore. Ticks.

Covid. Influenza. Lyme Disease. Stroke. Heart Attack.


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