From Trout Creek…

That’s the VA 620 Trout Creek footbridge, my starting point. From there, I was about to walk North over Dragon’s Tooth and down to the 4 Pines Hostel. Then “Nature Boy” would shuttle me back to pick up my car. The next morning he would take me to VA Rt 311 and drop me for […]

North or South?

Just a couple of random photos. Top one from Massachusetts, bottom from Virginia. After I hike in VA, I’m sure I want to go back and hike there next. After I hike in MA, I’m sure I want to go back there next. 4 hours north. 7 hours south. 20 degrees difference in daytime temperature. […]

More MA

Just wanted to post a few more photos from my first walk in Massachusetts… this place has had a profound effect on me. The land and the people! Drive by shots from Sheffield and Great Barrington! A two floored church. Interesting. Sometimes the flat is so visually beautiful I just stop. This was the very […]

Go Hens!

I spent a couple of days last weekend at Penn, rooting for my favorite team. The Women’s Tennis team from the University if Delaware. Of course it’s because my South African friend, Kelly Anderson is their coach. She has two players out in Las Vegas right now competing in the UNLV Fall Invitational. Freshman Jojo […]