I’ve been working on completing the AT for just about 6 years. I’ve met so many nice people out there. I’ve met some really interesting ones. Tall ones. Round and square ones. And then there are a handful of the Special Ones. “They call me Kangaroo,” she said. Sounding sort of like she wasn’t sure […]

Staying busy.

I don’t know what I would do with myself if I had never begun painting. This is only a sampling of what I have painted. I go through periods, I suppose we all do, where I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. It’s like a black hole. I don’t want to see people. I don’t want […]

NJ Overnight!

So, Scott, Betty and I did 11 miles today with full packs. A good warm up for Georgia. Betty and I are headed there on April 1st. We will finish the state. GA is really tough. Very up and down, and up over 5000 ft in one spot. It could be warm or we could […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

* This post has been in my draft file… I’ve been watching trail videos for days now. It gets me excited. I’m so ready to go. My wife got home safely from South Africa and I’m amazed daily that she supports me on this….quest? Can’t think of the right word. Goal is not right. This […]

No Sleep

My father always got us up early to go fishing. Sometimes to the Shore, but most time in the Poconos. He was always excited, so I was excited. I guess his dad must have done it to him. My older brother is the same. We get up early. We never oversleep. It’s a curse. I’ve […]

It Begins

28 Oct 16 That is the day tattooed on the inside of my upper right arm, just below the looming image of Mt Katadin, the Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail. On that date I decided to hike the entire AT. I’m about half way done. Nearly 6 years it’s been. Half way done. At […]

Coffee Anyone?

I WROTE THIS DRAFT 9 MONTHS AGO… Brooke, Doug, and Betty! So here I am at 6am and I’ve had one cup of decaf. One cup of nothing. Decaf. I may have Afib. I may have a plaque problem. I may have Bradycardia. Actually, I do have Bradycardia, but the problem is this. I want […]


Well now. My life has been realigned once more. On Thursday, I had a Trans Ischemic Attack. A mini stroke. Year number 70 is proving to be a challenge. I’m fine. They found nothing after. I was up at 0625 trying to get into a zoom AA meeting. It was so odd. I couldn’t get […]