Classic Doug Gray.

So, I bought this bike, right? No, not THIS bike, but a brand new one of lesser quality. I do this way too much. I try to spend less money and buy an inferior product, thinking I will be OK settling. Settling is not my thing. EVER! The above bike is the one I ended […]

The Endless Summer

John Whitmore. The father of South African surfing. Affectionately called, “Die Oom.” (The Uncle!) If you were a surfer in the ’60s, you saw the Bruce Brown film, “The Endless Summer.” It was like watching a dream. I worked at the County Theater in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in the States when it was released. I was […]

For Sale

Today, our house went on the market. We’ve been working on the place for 5 weeks. It is shiny clean. New paint. Electrical and plumbing tuned up. The new owner could move in now! Just a few of the shots I took. The pro photographer was here yesterday, shooting it all for the listing. Seeff, […]

“All In” is back!

The most famous White Blaze in the entire world. The white blaze that guides you down the Appalachian Mountain Range in Eastern America, from Maine to Georgia. I think I took this photo in New York. Winter in New York. I’m showing you this because my life has shifted again. I love when this happens. […]

Finally Feeling at Peace

Muizenberg Saturday morning, 7AM. Funny how a shot into the morning sun looks like evening! I didn’t get wet yet. Still tuning up my body a bit. I haven’t been stretching and strengthening, so I got hurt. That’s the way it is “at my age.” My favorite phrase. Lots of cool boards. I LOVE surfboards. […]

Springer Mountain in October!

That is where most thru hikers start on their journey NOBO (northbound) on the Appalachian Trail. That is where I will be in October of this year. I will start in April at the 843.1 mile marker and hike to 0.0, Springer Mountain. So, 9 months to hike 843.1 miles. Doable for sure. Right now […]

0700 Wilmington

By now you must know that I attend AA. That’s unless you just happened upon my blog. I’ve been “coming around” as they say, since June 28th, 1996. That’s 22+ years of sobriety, “one day at a time.” In the photo above, if you look closely, you’ll see an “AA” with an arrow, on the […]