100% Fun

Ever spend 7 days with anyone and enjoy yourself the whole time? Me either. It just happened for me. Streamstopper, that’s Jennie my daughter, and I did a 50 mile section of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. I loved every minute. Could have kept going indefinitely. What a great hiking partner. You may not know […]

Boulder-1, All In-0

That’s me yesterday. After I arrived home. But first, Ill give you the lead up. That’s me from the past, stopping at the Bryant Ridge Shelter on my way up the mountain from Jennings Creek. But wait. I need to go back a little farther. It was last Friday. I drove from PA to the […]

Jennie, Sharkey, and Megaphone!

As for Jennie, she is my eldest daughter of 2. This was her very first time backpacking. Backpacking an up and down section of the Appalachian Trail mind you! More about that later… As for Sharkey and Megaphone, isn’t it just great when you meet people who are comfortable in their own skin and make […]

Three Will Be The Charm

That’s me and a couple of my friends, the two Johns, out for a typical Pennsylvania Appalachian Trail hike. Rocks! Rocks and more rocks. That was 15 days after my last hospital stay, for my SECOND UTI since the surgery. I hiked too soon. It’s Friday. On Wednesday night, I began to feel feverish. Can […]

Groundhog Day

I like routine. I like people fussing over me. I like it when my only decision of the day, is what to circle on the next meal’s menu. I like getting these goofy hair wash caps with who knows what inside and scrubbing my scalp in the morning. I like nice people. Nurses are really […]

2 steps back

You know the saying, right? The thing is, I’m not even getting the one step forward these days.  Setback after setback. That’s me up there. I just got home from the hospital. I went in for an outpatient procedure; green light laser surgery. I came home, got through the night, and went into my urologist’s […]