Spent an hour and a half on the trails at the dam end of Nockamixon State Park. I parked on the “old” Rt 563 and entered the park on the northeast bank of the Tohickon Creek.

The Tohickon gorge supplies Bucks County with some of it most dramatic scenery. The rock formation in the first pictures sits like a sentinel above the creek.


Light snow and a temp of 30°F at the start of my hike might be my last sub freezing outing. Next week it’s supposed to be near 70.

🚳 The sign said the trail was closed. That usually means to the bikers. I guess they chew up the paths too much. Truth is, they do all the maintenance on many of the local trails. Let them ride I say!



On the way back I made my way down the bank to the rocks…






Can you see the smooth rounded layer in that column of stone about mid way up? It’s surrounded by Sedimentary Rock. I would like to have watched the formation of these rocks. What sort of mould did the rock move into to make it so rounded and how much later did the sediment begin to encase it?

I’m reminded how little we mean to the history of this planet. Like a click in time and look at the destruction we’ve caused. When we’re gone the Earth will heal and be much better off. I’m ashamed to be human sometimes.

I put some clothing that was in my car in my new day pack and tried it out. It was great but how will I ever cover any distance with real weight on my back? 5Ibs is all it was today and I felt it! How did my friend Karma ever lug all that stuff from Georgia to Maine?

4 thoughts on “Nine

  1. All of the cut work at S’ville was for the mill. There were rams to lift the water to the village. There was a ditch dug for the mill race that redirected a lot of the water from the river..

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  2. The cut in the rock makes me think this was once an industrial site. There is a similar look by the falls at Stoddartsville. We do leave scars, but the planet has a way of healing them to the point where we find the beauty again.

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